Meet West Rowan's Dinkin Miller

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 20, 2011

Name: Dinkin Miller
School: West Rowan
Sport: Football
Family: Caleb, Rhoda, Mother, etc.
Birth date: Feb. 19
Nickname: Dinkalou
Hidden talent: Belly dancing
Personal motto: Pain is weakness leaving the body
Favorite restaurant: Cookout
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite animal: Cheetah
Favorite class: African American Studies
Favorite TV: Scrubs
Favorite movie: Superbad
Favorite team: Vikings
Top athlete: Adrian Peterson
Top musicians: Drake, Kid Cudi
Word that best describes me: Hustling (sports wise)
Dream date: Katherine Heigl
Actor starring in the movie about my life: Derek Luke
Biggest rival: Salisbury
Greatest accomplishment: MVP of state championship game
Prized possession: American citizenship
Career goal: Go to college, play football
If I’m a millionaire by age 20: Coach Young and Coach Nixon are going to Vegas