Letters to the editor – Thursday (10-20-11)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Questions for the candidates
1. Do you agree with the incumbents who ěpraised Paris for the way he has handled several issues since being named interim city manager including 911 consolidation,î as reported in Wednesdayís Salisbury Post?
2.Young people increasingly rely on cell phones and do not have landlines. Theyíre buying iPads that come with satellite connections and even use iPads to watch TV. Will you consider further investments in Fibrant to maintain its economic viability?
3. What specific proposals do you have to reduce the cost of operating the city, given that real estate values are declining and that annexation will no longer occur (that is, that city revenues will by any reasonable assessment decline)?
4. Brian Miller sees a need to educate the presumably ignorant public about financial reports, but with 25 percent of the year gone and only 11 percent of the revenue projected from Fibrant having been received, maybe the problem is not how smart the public is but how difficult the challenge is to make Fibrant viable. Iím a Fibrant customer and suffered through about four months of one problem after another; colleagues continue to suffer with problems as well as customer unfriendly aspects like difficulty in forwarding calls and non-intuitive DVR operation. What do you propose to make Fibrant more saleable and customer friendly?
5. I note with interest the ability the city now has to grant permits for water and sewer extensions but what I hear from developers is that the problem is the Land Development Ordinance and some of the people administering it. What would you propose to make the cityís own operations more effective in attracting new jobs?
6. The March 14, 2011, Post reported that we have 10 people on the city payroll making more than $90,000 per year. Is our payroll top-heavy? Do we need that many at that level?
ó Carl Repsher
Just say ‘yes’ to Obama
In a direct counterpoint to a recent letter offered by Ty Cobb Jr.:
Although I agree our nationís debt is a serious priority, jobs far outweigh the debt issue.
Quite simply, if citizens arenít working, they cannot pay taxes to pay down the debt. Additionally, the amount you stated borrowed is not accurate. Bush first borrowed $852 billion through a tax cut and stimulus package in 2008. Then Obama borrowed $787 billion in 2009. Combined, that is $1.639 trillion. Letís be clear on that. And the country is NOT in worse shape now than then. Had both presidents not taken those actions, we most likely would be in a full-blown depression.
When you say ěweî are responsible for the debt, youíre gravely wrong. The supporters of two terms of President Bush are responsible. I didnít support Bushís policies; in fact I voted against him, so I do not feel responsible for putting him in power to drain our country of money.
I agree we need to raise taxes ó mine, yours and the ějob creators,î the rich, who have had their tax break since 2001, yet there still are not jobs. For you to say ěyour Tea Party friends would yield to moderate tax increasesî is not at all what that faction would support; on the contrary, so letís be honest when we write to our local paper and not make misleading statements.
Obama has proposed a solid plan supported by the majority of economists and citizens polled. The only reason itís not passing is obstructionism to prevent a victory for the president, thus fullfilling their goal of driving Obama from office in 2012, not acting on behalf of we the citizens.
Itís time for Congress and the president to work together for the country, not their partiesí 2012 goals. Though both sides are guilty of this, nontheless, Obamaís plan is a step forward.
ó Dave Lannon
More on Poverty and a Way to Help
Many thanks to Sarah Campbell and the Salisbury Post for bringing more light to the struggle many people in Rowan County face each and every day. Unemployment, underemployment, kids going to school hungry, and homelessness…..statistics that have more than doubled in just 10 short years here in our community. Thankfully, Salisbury does have several, well established non-profit agencies to assist folks in their daily struggles including Rowan Helping Ministries, Salvation Army, churches and the like. We would like to lift up another such agency: the Community Care Clinic. In existence since 1996, the clinic has served thousands of uninsured adults providing medical, dental (one of the few free dental clinics in the Piedmont), and pharmacy services to people who desperately need it. Just like other agencies, however, we have seen a larger number of patients with less staff and money. The economic outlook and the unemployment percentages in this county and in our country continue to be dismal. Unfortunately, many people are forced to make a decision between paying for healthcare and putting food on the table. Please consider volunteering, making a donation, or asking churches, civic and social clubs you belong to to make the Community Care Clinic an organization that they support annually. Also, honoring a loved one with a memorial or an honorarium is a wonderful idea.
Volunteer physicians, dentists, dental hygienists and other medical support personnel are urgently needed. Our clinic depends upon the community to continue to keep Rowan County citizens healthy, active and productive. For more information, please contact Juliana Parrish, Interim Director at 704-636-4523. The need is great at this time.
ó Brenda Goodman and Krista Woolly
Goodman and Woolly serve on the Community Care Clinicís board.
Parker and Mormons
In response to Kathleen Parkerís column ěMormons top the ticketî in the Oct. 14 Salisbury Post, I would like to suggest that those wanting a deeper and wider understanding of Mormanism write to Concerned Christians, 525 East Broadway Road, Mesa, Az. 85204, visit the website www.concernedchristians.com. or call 480-833-2LDS. They have a worldwide ministry to ex-Mormons.
ó Lorraine M. Lee
On behalf of Ryan Dayvault I would like to recommend to all of the voters of Kannapolis to vote for him in the November election for City Council.
Ryan graduated from A. L. Brown and Catawba College with honors. He comes from a pioneer family of our area. Mr. J. W. Cannon bought sizable acreage of land from the family to begin Kannapolis.
He is proud of our city and would like to serve on the Council in order to contribute his knowledge, experience and devotion to our city. His interest in growing Kannapolis for the future is uppermost in his mind. The current down turn in our economy makes it necessary to make the right decisions. His vision for the future is needed to help us progress to a safe and economic future. It will be challenging. His youth contributes to a different view toward how decisions are made. I believe he is capable of making the right decisions.
I urge everyone to consider Rhyne as one of our next councilmen. Some change is needed in the make up of our current council.
ó Norris Dearmon
Election letters
Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 8 election must be received in the Salisbury Post newsroom by 5 p.m., Oct. 31.