Letters to the editor – Tuesday (10-18-11)

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanks for returning ring with great sentimental value
I recently lost a ring while running errands. I had been out all day, going to four or five different places. I had no idea where I lost it. The ring had great sentimental value; my mother-in-law gave it to me before she passed away.
A lady named Pam who works at Genesis found my ring while making my motherís bed. I had been there earlier visiting my mother. I was so happy to get my ring back.
There are still some hardworking, honest people. Thanks so much, Pam; you donít know how much I appreciate getting it back.
ó Rita Biggerstaff
The sin of lying
I am just silly enough that I believe the old notion that there is such a thing as sin.
ěIî is always in the middle of it. The worse sin of all? Personally, I believe itís lying. Eventually, a person who continually lies starts to believe his own! With time, no one would dare believe anything you say, even if you were telling the ěGospel truth,î as I believe itís expressed.
Liars cut themselves off from all thatís good in society and, many times, hope and a future!
ó Steve Jacob Ball
Dayvault for Kann. council
I am writing in support of Kannapolis City Council candidate Ryan Dayvault. Mr. Dayvault has exhibited to me a combination of intelligence, idealism and pure devotion to family and community that I believe make him an ideal leader for our community.
I first became acquainted with Mr. Dayvault five years ago when I was involved in the medical care of his grandmother during an illness. During the three weeks she was a patient on my service in the hospital, I was struck by the devotion this young man had to his grandmother. This was a very difficult time for the family, as she was quite ill, and very serious decisions had to be made by the family on her behalf. Mr. Dayvault was an active participant in these discussions and decisions. He maintained an interaction with me that was far beyond what I would have expected from someone of his age. During this time, he shared with me details about his family and community. He always spoke with a sense of pride that I somehow found reassuring. Here was an example of a young person who had hope.
My next encounter with Mr. Dayvault came several years later when I was involved in the care of his grandfather. He now had college behind him and was set to take a role in the N.C. Research Campus with UNC-Chapel Hill. Again, he maintained his high level of interest in the care of his grandfather, but he was also excited about his new job. He described his job and the research campus with the same pride and hope that I had observed in him before.
I believe that through the strengths alluded to above, Mr. Dayvault would make a valuable addition to the Kannapolis City Council, and I strongly support his campaign.
ó William F. Averett, MD
Election letters
Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 8 election must be received in the Salisbury Post newsroom by 5 p.m., Oct. 31.