United Way at 45 percent of $1.6 million goal

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 12, 2011

By Shavonne Potts
SALISBURY — Volunteers and supporters have already begun to raise money for this year’s Rowan United Way campaign and no amount is too small.
Campaign Chairman Steve Fisher reminded a room full of people at Wednesday’s report meeting that “the little things matter.”
The campaign has reached nearly half of its campaign goal. This week’s report meeting was held at Gerry Wood Auto Group, where it was announced that just over 45 percent, or $724,637, has been raised so far.
The goal for this year’s campaign is $1.6 million.
Fisher said it’s the midway point of the campaign.
He was reminded of something his grandmother would say when she dealt with people, “It’s the little things that matter.”
He said the larger campaigns are coming along nicely, but the challenges exist within the smaller campaigns with fewer than a dozen people participating.
“They really matter and at the end of the day, they add up,” Fisher said.
Those smaller campaigns and fundraisers are vital, he said after the meeting.
Paul Fisher, F&M board chairman, said he was touched to see people waiting in line at the Salvation Army store Wednesday morning in the rain.
He is also on the board of the Salvation Army, and he talked about such people who were in need.
Paul Fisher said he’s waited in lines for football tickets and while in the military, he waited in the food line.
“I have never stood in line for a coat,” he said.
He encouraged supporters to give to the United Way because money raised benefits agencies like the Salvation Army.
He said for those who don’t know how to ask another to support the United Way, “Tell them to preach the word about neighbor helping neighbor.”
Every two weeks, a report meeting is held at a different location where people tell about progress up to that point and discuss their campaigns.
Campaign totals so far are:
• Presidents — $61,854 or 19.75 percent
• Chairmans — $71,533 or 25.39 percent
• Industrial 1 — $11,739 or 24.60 percent
• Industrial 2 — 21,835 or 40.11 percent
• Commercial 1 — $16,740 or 19.65 percent
• Commercial 2 — $74,422 or 94 percent
• Commercial 3 — $25,829 or 35 percent
• Public employees — $100,563 or 64 percent
• Education — $163,019 or 85 percent
• Community business — $25 or 0.70 percent
• Special gifts — $ 70,204 or 47 percent
• Professionals — $57,769 or 57 percent
• Miscellaneous — $49,105 or 74 percent
This week, four names were drawn for the car giveaway. They are Edwin Martinez of Freightliner; Kathy Allen of F&M Bank; Billy Sellers of Performance Fibers and Doug Paris with the city of Salisbury.
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