Violent home invasion nets four years in jail

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 6, 2011

By Shavonne Potts
SALISBURY — A Rowan County man charged in a 2009 home invasion at a Stevens Drive home pleaded guilty to burglary and robbery charges Thursday.
Jason Glenn Locklear, 23, accepted an Alford plea in Rowan County Superior Court and was sentenced to at least four years in prison.
An Alford plea allows the defendant to maintain innocence while acknowledging prosecutors have sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction.
Locklear was convicted of first-degree burglary and robbery with a dangerous weapon. The Rown County District Attorney’s Office dismissed a charge of manufacturing marijuana.
Two co-defendants, Sarah Patterson and Christopher Philyaw, are awaiting court dates.
Salisbury Police say Ray and Martha Baker were bound, beaten and robbed in their home July 27, 2009.
The Bakers are the aunt and uncle of Patterson and raised her, Assistant District Attorney Paxton Butler said.
Two people entered the home, beat Ray, pointed a gun at Martha and took some items from the home.
The suspects demanded hydrocodone, court statements said. They also stole liquor, beer, cigarettes, a camera, watches, video games and a game console.
Patterson and Locklear were dating at the time of the incident and Philyaw was Patterson’s friend.
According to court statements, Locklear had been at the Baker house with Patterson before the home invasion.
When a key went missing, Ray Baker changed the locks. He only changed one lock and not a dead bolt.
Philyaw gave a statement to authorities about his alleged involvement.
In the statement, Philyaw told investigators he was emailed about getting help to “hit a lick,” or make some money quick. After the incident “they left and split the property,” Butler told the court.
No property was recovered.
The motivation behind the theft was a drug problem the three defendants shared, the assistant district attorney said.
Judge Kevin Bridges sentenced Locklear to 53 months to 73 months in the N.C. Department of Correction, as well as restitution, substance abuse treatment and job training.
Locklear will get credit for the nearly two years he spent in the county jail awaiting trial.
Locklear’s attorney Darrin Jordan said the only thing that implicated his client was co-defendant Christopher Philyaw’s statement.
Locklear denied being in the home, Jordan said.
He admitted his client, as well as his co-defendants, had problems with drug use.
Jordan said his client was intelligent and he’d represented him in the past.
Locklear was previously convicted of breaking and entering and drug possession.
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