Yesterday: Morgans of 1937

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 26, 2011

Paul Hill of St. Matthews Church Road provided this 1937 photograph showing six members of the Morgan family, including his grandparents, John and Lunda Hill. This picture appeared in the Dec. 18, 1937, edition of The State, a Raleigh-based weekly of the day. It accompanied a story featuring ‘The Morgans of Morgantown,’ a remarkable family from Morgan Township, Rowan County. This photograph shows five brothers and sisters, plus a brother-in-law (John Hill), who ranged in age from 75 to 83 and still rode horseback and picked cotton as part of their active lifestyles. From left are Ivey Morgan, Otha Morgan, Lunda Hill, Elizabeth Morgan, John Morgan and John Hill. The brothers and sisters were rocked as babies in the cradle shown in the foreground. By then, it was missing its rocker legs.