FootLoose project to raise funds for Alzheimerís

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 26, 2011

According to the National Alzheimerís Association official web site, today, about 5.1 million Americans have Alzheimerís Disease, including at least 200,000 individuals under age 65 with ěyouth onsetî dementia. This number has more than doubled since 1980.
Unless a prevention or cure is found, by the year 2050 between 11 and 16 million Americans will have Alzheimerís Disease. It is easy to see the tremendous effect on the quality of life for many individuals and their families.
The Salisbury Rowan Quilterís Guild is partnering with Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks, Rowan-Salisbury Schools and several well known artists in the area to implement an original fundraiser to support the Annual Rowan County Walk For The Cure (formerly called the Memory Walk).
The FootLoose Project is an upbeat and creative project that will give local artists and craftsman an opportunity to embellish or create a shoe as a work of art. From fine works of art to actual footwear whimsically remade, the shoes will represent all levels of skill in a wide variety of categories. There will be an exhibition and a silent auction for the artwork, with all funds to the local Alzheimerís Association Walk For The Cure.
The exhibit at Waterworks Visual Arts Center last year was hugely successful, raising nearly $1,000 that was contributed to the Alzheimerís Association. An additional goal of raising awareness for the disease was also key.
Because of the enormous interest and overwhelming number of pieces of artwork, arrangements have been made to hold the Nov. 6 show and silent auction at Trinity Oaks Retirement Community on Klumac Road from 6-8 p.m. The exhibit will remain in place until Nov. 10.
Think of shoes and feet in terms of clichČs and quotes. What visual comes to mind when you say ěpenny loaferî or ěalligator shoesî? How about a ěhigh-king bootî or ěWebbed Footî? A favorite student play on words last year was a tennis shoe cut in half with three falling smokestacks: the ěShoe-Tanic.î Whether work is a serious oil painting with shoes as part of a still life or a leather moccasin decorated with a snake (Water Moccasin), everyone can create an entry.
A slide show featuring works from last year was created by Mike Murphy and can be accessed by searching Footloose Alz on You Tube. This offers an overall look at some of the work from the 2010 show.
An additional category this year will be photographs from local artists. Work can be three dimensional or two dimensional. All work should be delivered to the activity department at Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks no later than Oct. 14 with an entry form. To request forms and all exhibit criteria, email . For additional information call Brenda Zimmerman at 704-603-2770.
Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks is a ministry of the Salisbury-based Lutheran Services for the Aging.