Deeds Sept. 25, 2011

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 24, 2011

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Harry L. Welch, Jr. with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Atwell Township
Marcus B. Shore and wife to Stephen R. Sneed and wife, $15,000.
Mark T. Aderhold, as substitute trustee to Green Tree Servicing LLC, $56,000.
Hayden Edward Poteat Jr. and wife and others to Conie Poteat Fesperman, $24,000.
Julie W. Beaver to John E. Lambert, $46,000.
Nathan G. Page and wife to Matthew D. Arntsen and wife, $460,000.
Green Tree Servicing, LLC to Travis Howlett and wife, $42,000.
China Grove Township
Marvin J. Carlton and wife to Anthony Whittier, $74,000.
Wells Fargo Bank NA, as trustee to Adam M. Honeycutt III and wife, $60,000.
Todd A. Mauldin to Marty W. Payton, $15,000.
Castle & Cooke Carolinas Development, LLC to Castle & Cooke North Carolina, LLC, $80,500.
Equity Trust Co. to Justin B. Moore and wife, $100,000.
Tony Lane Huffman and wife to SMA Investments, LLC, $145,500.
Steve Ruggles and wife to Ferrell A. James and wife, $14,000.
Ricky Alan Walters and wife to Timothy Welborn Edwards and wife, $4,000.
Michael A. Salazar and other to Henry F. Menjivar and other, $14,000.
Donald M. Phillips and wife to JDL Homes, Inc., $5,000.
Chad L. Bebber and wife to John B. Boon and wife, $123,000.
Becky K. Savage to Brittany N. Honeycutt, $63,000.
Ronald J. Bradshaw and other to James A. Sullivan and wife, $86,000.
Cleveland Township
Ramon A. Davies and wife to Lisa C. Shaff and other, $129,000.
Franklin Township
Aurora Loan Services, LLC to Brenda Logan Locklear, $35,000.
Autumn S. Livengood Smith and husband to Steven C. Jarrett and wife, $2,500.
Farmers & Merchants Bank to Steven C. Jarrett and wife, $30,000.
Sharonview Federal Credit Union to Barry W. Michael and wife, $230,000.
Joy Paisley Leonard to William A. Angel and wife, $55,000.
Elizabeth R. Glover to David L. Hincemon and wife, $110,000.
Southgate Masonry and Lumber Company, Inc. to Janice M. Challis and other, $25,000.
Southgate Masonry and Lumber Company, Inc. to Janice M. Challis and other, $296,000.
Nance L. Lyerly to Ferrell Marshall Lyerly and wife, $26,000.
Carol Anne Head and others to Thomas L. McElveen and wife, $45,000.
Clarence L. Smith and wife to John G. Gallen and wife, $73,000.
Archer Farm Partnership to William A. Goodlett, Sr. and wife, $15,000.
Gold Hill Township
William R. Bingham and wife to Piedmont Hardwood Lumber Company, Inc., $385,000.
Joy T. Williams and others to Judy F. Sledge, $150,000.
Darius N. Hedrick and others to Vernon A. Brewer, Jr. and wife, $55,000.
Troy L. Treece Construction, L.L.C. to Ronald G. Alston and other, $160,000.
Herminio Villalobos Gaitan to Ramon T. Street and wife, $190,500.
Arthur Lynn Linker and wife to Beard Family Limited Partnership, $1,500.
Litaker Township
John L. Trester and wife to Van H. Nguyen, $201,000.
Randy Melton and wife to Donald R. White and wife, $60,000.
HSBC Bank USA, NA, as trustee to Alexander Gilk and other, $205,000.
Melissa Renee Wilhelm, as administratrix to Ronald E. Wilhelm and wife, $33,000.
Airiti Michelle Wilhite Trexler and other to Jason W. Brilliant and other, $102,500.
Sharonview Federal Credit Union to Jeffery S. Earley and wife, $260,000.
Dale C. Ellis and wife to Jack C. Akers, Jr. and wife, $67,000.
CitiMortgage, Inc. to Mark Patton, $33,500.
American Land Corporation-Charlotte, Inc. to Frank E. Curatolo and wife, $45,000.
Dorothy R. Benoit to Joy T. Williams and other, $153,000.
Martha T. Rivera and husband to ABC Towing of the Carolinas, LLC, $250,000.
Max P. Webb and other to Doris Imlay, $50,000.
Steele Township
Hugo Andres Hernandez Hernandez and wife to Marleny Duque De Elorza, $18,000.
Unity Township
Johnny Ray Morgan and wife to Alvin Ross Park and wife, $150,000.