Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jason Walker honored

The N.C. Wildlife Federation in cooperation with The National Wildlife Federation presented to Sgt. Jason Walker the Governor’s Award for Marine Fisheries Enforcement Officer of the Year 2011.
The internal nomination process for the award begins with the field officers, and supervisors are not often picked. So it is a particular honor for Walker to be selected. “Walker was chosen because he exemplifies the attributes of a leader,” said Jim Kelley, Captain of Marine Patrol’s Southern District that runs from the Emerald Isle Bridge to the South Carolina border. Walker supervises patrols from the Wrightsville Beach Bridge to the South Carolina state line.
“Jason is not only one of the most outstanding officers that I’ve ever dealt with but probably one of the most outstanding people,” Kelley said. “He  works hard, he’s dedicated and he’s pretty much a good all around person, and he’s respected by anyone he has had dealing with.”
Jason and his wife Elizabeth Walker live in Southport with their son, Noah Jason Walker. He is the son of Steve and Jane Walker of Carolina Beach, formerly of Rockwell.