Crackdown on motor carriers on I-77

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beginning this morning, the Highway Patrol will conduct Operation Road Watch to crackdown on motor carrier safety violations on North Carolina highways. Operation Road Watch will be conducted on I-77 in Mecklenburg County for the next two days and will primarily focus on conducting safety inspections on motor carrier vehicles.
“We are going to make the highways as safe as possible” said Col. Michael Gilchrist of the Highway Patrol. “I have instructed our troopers to aggressively crackdown on commercial motor vehicle violations.”
In 2010, troopers investigated 5,432 crashes involving motor carrier vehicles statewide. From these, 83 resulted in fatalities and 1,542 resulted in injuries. Interstate 77 is a busy highway and has a high volume of commercial motor vehicle traffic.
Commercial motor vehicle crashes also contribute significantly to traffic congestion, an increasing problem on the state’s highways. The highway patrol’s motor carrier enforcement section, along with its local partners, has an obligation to both improve commercial motor vehicle safety as well as the efficiency of commercial vehicle operations. Law enforcement officials believe their efforts will result in fewer serious collisions between motorists and commercial motor vehicles, as well as the significant congestion that such collisions can cause.
“The Highway Patrol is determined to reduce both fatal and non-fatal traffic collisions involving big trucks on North Carolina highways,” said Reuben Young, secretary of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety. “Trucks exceeding weight regulations or in violation of federal safety regulations compromise the safety of our highways.”
Road Watch is the first campaign to concentrate solely on commercial motor vehicle violations. Additionally, troopers will be cracking down on motorists driving aggressively around big trucks and ticketing speeders, tailgaters and aggressive drivers.
Motorists may report dangerous driving to the Highway Patrol by dialing *HP on their cellular phones.