9-year-old brings knife to school 'for protection'

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2011

By Nathan Hardin
A 9-year-old Isenberg Elementary student who was found with a boot knife in class on Monday told authorities he took it to school “for protection.”
According to a Salisbury Police report, the knife was in a leather holster. The boy was reportedly concerned about defending himself against other elementary school students.
The boy gave the knife to a teacher at the school without incident, the report said. It’s unclear if the boy will be suspended. The case has been referred to the Department of Juvenile Justice.
The report said the boy got the knife from a tool set at the boy’s home.
This isn’t the first incident of a weapon on school grounds this year.
On Aug. 29, a 12-year-old West Rowan Middle School student was suspended after a teacher found the boy with a multi-tool knife.
The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office reported that the knife was taken without incident and placed into evidence. The boy was given three days of out-of-school suspension.
Last school year, in April, an 8-year-old boy was found with a 6-inch serrated bread knife on a Knollwood Elementary school bus.
Salisbury Police spokesperson Shelia Lingle warned parents on Tuesday about talking to their children about weapons on school grounds.
“Parents should be aware if you have weapons around the house that they may have access to,” Lingle said. “You have to be responsible, but you also have to know what your children are taking to and from school. Talk to your children.”