Body of man who fell into High Rock found

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 12, 2011

Authorities say they have found the body of a man who fell into High Rock Lake from a fishing boat this afternoon.
The body was recovered about 7 p.m., roughly five hours after the man fell into the water.
An emergency responder said two men were fishing near Tamarac Marina off Bringle Ferry Road. One man became ill, reeled in his line and sat down. When he stood up again, he fell backwards off the boat.
 Two people at the scene told a Post reporter the man who fell into the water is Brian Fuller. They said he is around 30 years old and fishes frequently on High Rock Lake. It’s not clear yet where Fuller lives.
William Robinson was fishing about 25 yards from Fuller and his friend and called 911 when he saw Fuller fall in.
“It was almost in slow motion,” he said. “When the guy’s hat came up, I?thought it was him coming up, but it was just a hat.”
Doug File knows Fuller and was also fishing in a nearby boat. When he saw Fuller fall in, File dove in to help.
“I dove probably 10 times. I went to the bottom and came back up several times, but I couldn’t find him,” File said. “ You could see 4 feet around you (in the water), but I couldn’t see him.”
People at the lake who knew Fuller said he can swim.
The man who was in the boat with Fuller confirmed his name but declined to comment further.