Letters to the editor – Sunday (9-4-11)

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 2, 2011

Four-way stop a better option for hazardous intersection
Regarding the Sherrills Ford Road-Briggs Road intersection, the least expensive solution would be four-way stop signs. Make everyone stop. You have truck and school bus traffic at that intersection. It works in other areas where four-way stop signs have been placed; why not there?
A roundabout, donut/circle or whatever they want to call it will be difficult for a tractor-trailer to navigate without widening the entire intersection.
Before we go to that expense, try the four-way stop.
— Barry Nesbitt
‘Work permits’ won’t solve nation’s immigration issues
Regarding the Wednesday “My Turn” article about the immigration issue:
The writer suggested there were 8 to 10 million illegal immigrants in the country, but we have been hearing for the last few years that the number is more like 10 to 20 million. Whatever the number, it’s a lot.
“Economically, politically, practically”, we can’t just “throw them all out.” This is true to a pointless degree; if there was the will and desire to really change things, then why not “just follow the money”? This seems to work in most instances. Employers should be required to document their workers, such as: Do you speak and understand English? Do you have the necessary papers to be in this country? Are taxes deducted from his pay?
The writer suggests letting immigrants come in on “work permits” for a year. Let them work and contribute taxes to support the government and the economy. At the same time, keep out the “convicted felons, drug dealers, gun smugglers and tax cheats.” We’re already supposed to be doing this. So, if we do those things suggested by the writer who will enforce these new initiatives? At the end of their year, who will see that they, in fact, leave the country? It will not be enforced, just as present laws aren’t enforced.
All these ideas may, on the surface, seem to be humanitarian, but are in truth just political ploys to garner illegal votes for politicians already in office.
We do not need illegals to make us productive. We need less government mandates, regulations and taxes. We do not need more “investments” in this or that, which translated means “more government spending.” We need less government spending, a fairer IRS tax code and, in general, a government that will get out of the way but provide stability to the economy by doing a lot less in and to the business community.
— Richard Roberts