Second team of firefighters from Salisbury in Hyde County

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 1, 2011

SALISBURY — Salisbury Fire Chief Bob Parnell said a second team of off-duty firefighters has arrived in Hyde County, assisting with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.
The second team replaces the earlier team of six off-duty firefighters who were deployed on Sunday after a request for aid from the State Emergency Operations Center.
The second team can provide up to 72 hours of aid for the devastated area as outlined in the North Carolina Fire Chiefs Mutual Aid Plan.
Members of Salisbury’s second relief team of off-duty firefighters are Capt. Michael Spry, Fire Control Specialist Gray Grubb, Fire Control Specialist Ted Reaume and Fire Control Specialist Michael Baker.
“The second team attended a briefing this morning and reviewed the Incident Action Plan with relief crews. Our replacement team from Salisbury will be working in the Scranton area today along side the Aberdeen Fire Department. They will continue the work that we have been doing this week by conducting damage assessments, serving meals, covering roofs, and providing a friendly face and shoulder to lean on,” according to an update from Battalion Chief David Morris that was sent in an email by city spokeswoman Karen Wilkinson.