Letters to the editor – Friday (9-2-11)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 1, 2011

Knox headed for great school year
My time as the principal at Knox Middle School has been both meaningful and rewarding.
As I reflect, I have been impressed with our students and our teachers. Our students continue to embrace this new year. Their words and actions are commendable. I continue to have students speak with me, share stories, open doors and act in a respectful way.
The Knox family of teachers and staff members have worked to create inviting classrooms, build healthy relationships and develop engaging lesson plans.
This has been one of the best opening weeks that I have experienced in the past 13 years. Our building and our campus as a whole are in great shape!
I am grateful for the projects that have continued from last year and I am appreciative of those that continue to do what is best for our KMS students. The central office, parents, volunteers, our wonderful maintenance department and many community/ business organizations have helped KMS in numerous ways, both prior to my arrival as principal and afterwards. Your positive words and actions go a long way with the KMS family, and for that I am grateful.
Our mission statement is far more than words on paper. We ěLove kids, support teachers, involve parents, and pass it on …î
I am blessed to be the principal at our Knox Middle School, and I am looking forward to a great year!
ó Dr. James V. Davis
Davis is principal of Knox Middle School.
Beware assumptions
Regarding Sam Morganís ěMy Turnî column (Aug. 25, ěWhy America is spoiled rottenî):
Alan Alda said it: Assumptions are your ěwindows on the world. Scrub them off once in a while, or the light wonít come in.î
The ěAge of Greedî by Jeff Madrick is an eye-opener/window-scrubber and available at the Rowan Public Library.
Happy reading!.
ó Elfriede Trott