Letters to the editor – Thursday (9-1-2011)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanks to Rowan County United Way and Arc of Rowan
I would like to make your readers aware of an extraordinary group of dedicated people in Rowan County. I refer to The Arc of Rowan (a Rowan County United Way agency).
Our autistic son, Mark, has attended the summer day programs offered by the Arc for years. This year, Mark was not going to attend the program but asked us if he could volunteer to help the staff, which he did. Mark’s unique perspective helped the staff in dealing with the needs of the kids in the program. Our son is what he is because of the efforts of the Arc and our commitment to excellence for our son. He showed it this past year by giving back to this incredible program.
Thanks to the United Way of Rowan County, the Arc of Rowan and everyone who helped make our son what he is.
— J. R. Baker
Tea Party politics & Congress
The Tea Party stormed upon the American political scene vowing to take a stand and change our fiscal system. Regrettably, the federal Constitution provides no legislation mandating the method by/through which this miracle is to be accomplished. The framers, idealists or economists, believed less than 3 million Americans would manage equitably for all. When Madison drafted Article 2, the legislative article, his political beliefs precluded provisions to control and regulate Congress, other than the ballot box.
This lack of control has allowed the creation of a “noble class,” senators and representatives, allegedly assigned the responsibility of protecting their “employers,” the people, and the nation. In the face of so many who became millionaires after their election, one must wonder if their motivation was service or fiscal gain. Do our agents have authority to grant themselves medical benefits and pecuniary privileges greater than the average American?
This question is the kernel of Tea Party politics. This intransigent wing of the Republican Party has made political headway through organization and discipline. Its members rant about the budget. This group demands a balanced budget, but neglects to mention and /or discuss its role in the dismal economic state of the nation. Nothing is said about Tea Party contributions to the general welfare. I would like to mention a few of the benefits our “employees” receive that are denied the average citizen. What has the Tea Party sacrificed in order to attain a balanced budget or to provide jobs?
An examination of congressional benefits shows they are superior to those of the general population — health insurance, pension, retirement, travel, lifetime pay etc. It shows why Capitol Hill may be called the millionaires’ house. Where are Tea Party efforts to balance the budget for the benefit of the American people?
— Arthur Steinberg