Get Real Conference is for women

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 26, 2011

By Whitney Westbrook
For The Salisbury Post
I have 500 words to compel you to read on about The Get Real Conference, Salisbury’s premiere women’s conference, but I think I can do it in five.
“Ladies, it’s just for us!”
If the back-to-school grind or the mission of managing a household while caring for declining family members and keeping up with kids’ schedules, sometimes all at once, requires a dose of encouragement to prevail, then this event is for you. If your story includes coping with loss or coping with life and you need to be reminded that you’re not alone and you can prevail, the Get Real Conference is for you.
Whether you have a career that’s on fast-forward or a life in an outright freefall, you need to know that there really are other women out here who jump out of the shower with the conditioner still in our hair because we’re too preoccupied with all our thoughts about the day ahead to rinse!
No matter the ministry God has given you in this season of your life, he has a message for you: Fall into those everlasting arms and PREVAIL.
The Get Real Conference wants to provide a warm and relevant worship and learning opportunity for Christian women in our community that is also friendly to women not currently active in church. No matter your faith experience, we women have our humanity in common; we are daughters, mothers, wives and sisters. Some of us are widows. We are all workers. And whether we claim it or not, God calls us to honor him in the roles he gifts to us, and they are many. We need God’s grace to prevail, one day at a time, and we need each other, sisters, to wrap our arms around one another in fellowship during trials and in celebration of personal victories. We need to Get Real with God and with each other. And we need to be reminded that, through God’s Grace, we can and we will prevail.
The Get Real Conference is a day- and-a-half event beginning Friday evening, Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. and concluding Saturday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m.
The conference is being locally hosted by Neel Road Baptist Church on Highway 150 in Salisbury and will be led by guest speaker and founder of Whole Woman Ministries, the Rev. Jane Lyon of Clarksville, Virginia. The event will consist of four learning and worship sessions, optional breakout sessions on Saturday afternoon, a prayer ministry, box lunch on Saturday and a catered dinner Saturday evening.
All sessions/activities occur at Neel Road Baptist Church unless otherwise noted.
The Get Real Conference leadership team includes Andrea Culbertson, Martha Bost, Katherine Miller and Whitney Westbrook.