Two arrested after suspected drug deal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SALISBURY —Two Salisbury men were charged after a Salisbury Police officer witnessed a drug deal late Friday night.
According to a Salisbury Police report, Officer J.R. Cable noticed a man who he believed had outstanding warrants in the passenger seat of a blue Dodge Intrepid on North Shaver Street at about 9:30 p.m. Friday night.
As Cable watched the car, the report said, the driver appeared to pull up to a man who looked to be buying drugs.
Cable immediately stopped the car at the intersection of East Liberty and North Long streets and identified the passenger as Jimmy Rouse, 54, who had two outstanding warrants for arrest on drunk and disruptive charges and second-degree trespassing. Rouse’s address is listed in the report as the streets of Salisbury.
The driver of the vehicle, Billy Grimmett, 63, gave consent for Cable to search the Intrepid.
Cable said he found a prescription bottle in Grimmett’s possession with “numerous” hydrocodone and oxycontin tablets. The officer also found a .38 caliber pistol in the car’s glove compartment.
Grimmett, of 1133 Wilson Road, Linwood, was charged with misdemeanor possession of prescription pills and misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon.