Hinshaw column: Up close and personal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 23, 2011

By Wayne Hinshaw
For the Salisbury Post
This collection of photos, some using macro photography and some not, gives the viewer a close look at many daily items and scenes that maybe you have seen and looked at, but didn’t really see the image. This is an opportunity to see photographic detail of things that your eyes did not notice as you passed by.
Your “habit of seeing” causes you to miss seeing so much in the world. You need to have a new vision to enjoy what you are seeing. Many times we are mostly interested in the subject matter in front of us visually and photographically. In these photos, I was not so concerned with the “subject matter” as I was the image itself. Looking closely at the image, I could see the lines and texture of the feathers with contrasting colors. I could see the grasshopper looking like a “knight of the roundtable” decked in plates of armor. The red sweet pepper’s rounded, bright-red body provides a contrasting background for the green, straight lines of its stem. The stained brick wall has the lines and textures of the rows of bricks with the contrasting red, yellow, and black colors. The reflection in the lagoon has repeating textures and color in the wind-created ripples in the water.
In the early 1900s, British writer and photographer Peter Henry Emerson wrote in one of his books that photographers were discoverers. He felt there was more of a photographer’s discovery in photographs than the artistic expression of the photographer. In this InVisibility feature page, it is a “collection of discoveries” in common everyday items that we don’t stop and examine closely enough to see the images they can hold for us.