Man stunned by Taser at Applebee's

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 11, 2011

By Nathan Hardin
SALISBURY — A Salisbury man was stunned by a Taser Thursday morning after Salisbury Police ordered him to leave a local Applebee’s.
According to Salisbury Police, Garry Lee Miller Jr., 325 Bean Road, was arrested after Applebee’s employees notified police that he was “drunk and spitting on the floor.”
The report said an Applebee’s, 205 Faith Road, manager asked the 23-year-old Salisbury resident to leave at about 12:30 a.m. after officers arrived, but Miller “just stood there.”
Officer R.S. Ruble reported he told Miller that he had 20 seconds to exit the restaurant before Ruble would place him under arrest. Ruble reported that Applebee’s employees had called a taxi for the man, but Miller continued to stand in the same place.
Ruble advised Miller that he was under arrest and instructed him to follow Ruble to the police car.
Miller began walking to the door, held his arms in the air and spit on the ground, the report said.
Ruble said he tried to handcuff Miller but the man pulled his arm away from the cuffs, stumbled and fell onto a nearby woman.
The woman pushed Miller off and Ruble drew his Taser, telling Miller to get on the ground and place his hands behind his back.
According to the report, Miller continued to stand, staring at the officer. Ruble informed him again to get on the ground, the report said.
Ruble then deployed his Taser into Miller’s chest, causing him to fall to the ground.
“I give up,” Miller told Ruble, according to the report.
He was arrested and given a $1,500 bond. He was released after posting bond.
The 205 Faith Road Applebee’s has been in the news three times in the last month.
On July 13, a 26-year-old Locust man was arrested after police said he drank five Long Island iced teas — a drink containing several liquors — despite being intoxicated when he arrived, and began shouting at officers.
One of the Applebee’s employees was arrested later that day after police said they found 37 pills in his possession, including oxycontin, hydrocodone and methadone pills.