Rowan County Deeds

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 8, 2011

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Harry L. Welch, Jr. with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Atwell Township
Ronald Lane Ross to Lee Andrew Harrell and wife, $48,000.
Mary Simmons Sturm and husband to Herman Victor Sturm and other, $40,000.
John Roberts to Matt Bleneman Properties, LLC, $350,000.
Robert William Brown III and others to Kevin S. Pettigrew and wife, $62,500.
Christopher Q. Holshouser to Roland P. Meckes, Jr. and wife, $216,000.
Joyce M. Clinkscales to David R. Lambert and wife, $25,000.
Roland Paul Meckes, Jr. and wife to Gary R. Rash and wife $380,000.
China Grove Township
Jeremy Noel Rodgers and wife to Michael Gunner and wife, $59,000.
Eddie Dean Arnette to David Allen Furr and wife, $19,000.
Peggy R. Adams to Dwight D. Nicholson and wife, $42,000.
Heather Renee Helms and husband to Richard D. Kaylor, Sr. and wife, $57,000.
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry to Kimberly A. Scott and other, $70,000.
Ralph Luther to Ralph Scott Luther, $162,000.
Alan C. Thompson and wife to David A. Furr and wife, $1,000.
Elizabeth B. Ells, as substitute trustee to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee, $79,000.
Rebecca C. Larsen and others to Steven Elliot Collins and others, $18,000.
Jerry D. McCullough and wife to Iglesia PentecostalEl Tabernaculo De La Esperanza, $70,000.
Joe D. Teeter and wife to Joel OíGuin and others, $64,000.
Cherylann Weaver Humphrey and others to James M. Phillips, Jr. and wife, $116,000.
Brad Wayne Barrett and other to Timothy Adam Broome, $210,000.
Jerry D. McCullough and wife to Jorge Carrillo Leon and wife, $35,000.
Harvey L. Musselwhite and others to Frankie Lee Musselwhite and wife, $55,000.
Scottish Real Estate, Inc. to William L. Hendley, Jr. and wife, $21,500.
Leroy Mitchell Duffy and wife to Clare A. Heyn and other, $62,000.
Stephen Patrick Duffy, Sr. and wife to Leroy Mitchell Duffy and wife, $67,500.
Residential Development, LLC to First Troy SPE, LLC, $60,000.
Jeannie K. Weant and others to Larry G. Souther, Jr., $39,000.
Franklin Township
Midstate Lane, Inc. to Priscilla Ann Leach, $17,500.
Jimmy Andrew Shaver and wife to Maximino Lemus and wife, $15,000.
Milbrook Medical Park, LLC to Novant Health, Inc., $995,000. ( might want to check this BK1181 PG830)
Mark G. White, as executor to Charles Stanley Moore and wife, $12,500.
Mark G. White, as executor to Amanda E. Moore, $87,500.
Richard J. Kania, as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., $88,500.
Gold Hill Township
Bradley S. Williams and wife to Jill Renee Harrison, $145,000.
Margaret A. Lowry to Judith Neal Hayes, $161,500.
Triple W. Industries, LLC to Charles Edward McNee, $7,500.
Stephen E. Lyerly, Sr. and others to Faye A. Hill and other, as trustees, $10,000.
Litaker Township
Semeramis E. Ponos to Donald Lee Menius and wife, $8,000.
A. Bert Crocker to Barbara M. Brown and other, $7,500.
Betty S. Griggs to Mark L. Howard and wife, $310,000.
Mary Lowder Bassinger and husband to William H. Horner and wife, $150,000.
American Land Corporation-Charlotte, Inc. to John L. Dwinell, $16,000.
Locke Township
Richard P. Smith and wife to Gary D. Slade and wife, $160,000.
Cynthia A. Dowell-Church and others to Cynthia A. Dowell-Church and husband, $96,000.
Catherine J. Minor to Wendy M. Harrison, $106,000.
Amanda Sue Barrington Catherine J. Minor, $263,000.
1st Choice Housing, Inc. to Judy Lewis, $93,000.
Jerrell Ann Fisher to Ronda Roger Saine and wife, $60,000.
Morgan Township
Carlton C. Butler and wife to Richard J. Allosso and wife, $80,000.
Mt. Ulla Township
Daniel D. Dewey and wife to Ronald H. Walston and wife, $257,000.
Providence Township
Dominic J. Trippe to Margaret C. Miller and other, $154,000.
Midstate Land, Inc. to Charles L. Skyes and wife, $14,500.
Carol J. Pugh to Crocker Properties, Inc., $45,000.
Elizabeth B. Ells, as substitute trustee to CitiFinancial, Inc., $38,000.
Mark Allen Barraclough and others to David S. Pullen, $200,000.
Cheryle A. Rabon to Robert F. Hall, III, $100,000.
Jeffrey P. Earnhardt and other to David M. Neal and wife, $289,000.
James Piner, Jr. and wife to Glenn D. Boreman and wife, $290,000.
Shawn L. Douglass and wife to Shannon M. Everhart and husband, $150,000.
Rowan Township
Residential Development, LLC to M&F Properties, LLC, $12,500.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to Robert Miller and other, $80,500.
Emily Hunter, as substitute trustee to Suntrust Bank, $38,500.
Emily Hunter, as substitute trustee to Suntrust Bank, $57,000.
Emily Hunter, as substitute trustee to Suntrust Bank, $77,500.
Emily Hunter, as substitute trustee to Suntrust Bank, $79,500.
Kimberly A. Herrick, as substitute trustee to CRM Mid-Atlantic Properties, LLC, $322,000.
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Brian R. Winters, $80,000.
G. Robert Turner, III, as substitute trustee to Sharonview Federal Credit Union, $18,000.
Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, as substitute trustee to US Bank Trust National Association, as trustee, $116,500.
Jeffrey Linn Boger and wife to Rebekah L. Wagoner, $120,000.
Ray Marshall Cook to Paul A. Warfel and wife, $365,000.
Deborah K. Millis and husband to Dustin R. Artz and other, $155,000.
Suntrust Bank to Ellis E. Herring, $17,000.
CJH Properties, LLC to Duke C. Brown, Sr., $15,000.
CRM Mid-Atlantic Properties, LLC to CJH Properties, LLC, $11,500.
Joseph C. Fernandez and wife to Michael Skok and other, $227,000.
Telka Hall Weant, as executor to Paul Jones and wife, $155,000.
Linda Elliott Wilson and husband to Clara Tandy and husband, $8,000.
Ready America Funding Corp. to Lawrence Clark, $31,000.
Carlyin H. Crouch to Artemio Garcia Masias and wife, $9,000.
Timothy Rae Dove to Megan L. Leinonen, $94,000.
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC to Joseph C. Piette, Jr. and wife, $43,000.
Hugh Honeycutt and others to J. Alan Goodman, $35,000.
Donald D. Sayers, as substitute trustee to Farmers & Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry, $546,000.
Warlick Laine Byers and wife to Jane Maydian, as trustee, $100,500.
True Homes, LLC to Erica L. Moye and husband, $139,000.
James L. Muller and wife to Donald J. Conner, $210,000.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to R & R Ventures of Rowan, LLC, $16,000.
Mark A. Strobel and wife to Drax Robert Felton and wife, $210,000.
US Bank National Association, as trustee to Glenn C. Howerton, $80,000.
Stephanie Porter Wilsey and other to Ashley Olivia Decelle, $101,000.
Diamond Creek Farms, LLC to Roger Vanderpol and wife, $92,000.
Alan B. Powell, as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $776,500.
Barbara C. Baz to Perl Butler and other, $143,000.
David T. Simpson, Jr., as substitute trustee to Reidís Pawn Shop, Inc., $118,000.
Philip A. Glass, as substitute trustee to Self-Help Ventures Fund, $139,500.
Suntrust Mortgage, Inc. to Julke R. Llorens and wife, $48,000.
Carl W. Gray, as trustee to HomeTrust Bank, $94,000.
Spear Investments, LLC to Jai R. Withers, $113,500.
Stephen M. Blount and others to Foilís Incorporated, $330,000.
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., as substitute trustee to PNC Bank, National Association, $123,500.
Richard W. Eagle to Miranda Wagner Bare and husband, $35,000.
David T. Simpson, Jr., as substitute trustee to CommunityOne Bank, N.A., $240,000.
Norma Jeanne Burke to David Anderson and wife, $21,000.
Michael James Hicks to William R. Stephens, Jr., $88,000.
Salisbury Village, LLC to CommunityOne Bank, N.A., $1,790,500.(BK 1182 PG 103)
Sovereign RA II, LLC to Diverse Real Estate Group, LLC, $2,774,000 (BK 1182 PG 71)
Spencer C. Lane Construction and wife to Walter M. Ketchie, III and wife, $180,000.
Walter M. Ketchie, III and wife to Spencer C. Lane Construction, $180,000.
Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, as substitute trustee to Homesales, Inc., $35,500.
Kenneth R. Payton, Jr. and wife to John E. Pasko and wife, $440,000.
Gary M. Peeler, as administrator to Steve L. Bost, $150,000.
Charles David Tom Collins and other to Andrew J. Foy and other, $102,000.
Ralph Wayne Williams and wife to Linda Lisk, $118,000.
PNC Mortgage to Ginger L. Owens, $310,000.
Thomas M. Kelley and wife to Jeffrey C. Miller, $155,000.
Paul S. Fox and others to Christopher A. Thomas and wife, $41,000.
U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee to Wesley Graham and others, $48,000.
Wilbur McLamb and wife to Richard William Randall and wife, $340,000.
Henry L. Strange and wife to Green Tree Servicing, LLC, $78,000.
HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. to Charles Barber, $50,500.
Rachel L. Scogin to Donald R. Rankin and wife, $137,000.
Hudson Construction to Robert Lunsford, $40,000.
U.S. Bank National Association, NA, as trustee to Kenneth W. Baker and other, $52,500.
William C. Parise, Attorney at Law, PLLC, as substitute trustee to PBI Bank, Inc., $1,000,000. (BK 1181 PG 884)
Corinne Stiller DeMarcus to Randy Beach, $21,500.
Bee Enterprises, LLC to Adam Justice White, $133,000.
Bee Enterprises, LLC to James Richard Livengood and wife, $77,500.
Green Tree Serviciing, LLC to Andrew Christenbury, $39,000.
Patricia S. Jackson and husband to Robert Lee Church and wife, $60,000.
William S. Ellis and wife to Scott D. Waggoner, $270,000.
Donald D. Sayers, as trustee to Patricia Sides Jackson, $65,500.
Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC, as substitute trustee to Homesales, Inc., $66,000.
Bonita R. Whaley to Michael L. James and wife, $216,500.
First Bank to David Mark Rummage and wife, $530,000.
Sam T. Moore, as executor and others to Max C. Lear and wife, $114,000.
Amanda Hand Harrington and husband to Tyler K. Fisher, $95,000.
U.S. Bank National Association ND to Michael Joseph Vogel, II, $164,000.
Alan B. Powell, as substitute trustee to Bank of North Carolina, $13,000.
BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP to Admira Muskic, $84,000.
Graham M. Carlton, as trustee to Grey S. Corriher and wife, $669,500.
David A. Simpson, P.C., as substitute trustee to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, NA, $25,000.
David A. Simpson, P.C., as substitute trustee to LSF 7 NPL V Trust, $243,000.
Anthony Echerd and wife to Tina B. Tatum, $39,000.
Hoyle M. Rayfield, Jr. and wife to Stephen C. Eller, $110,000.
Randall Keith Horton to Terry William Medley, $25,000.
Teresa Corinne Knox and other to Kathy Knox Freeze, $170,000.
BCI Residential & Commercial Builders, Inc. to Gary L. Feierstein and wife, $205,000.
Gail M. Reynolds to Paul B. Reynolds, Jr., $4,000.
Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc. to Richard H. Francis and wife, $170,000.
William C. Flannery and wife to Weichert Relocation Resources, Inc., $170,000.
Carolyn Speck Shampoe to Jacob C. Speck and wife, $37,500.
Job Markas Shores and wife to Bobby L. Miller and other, $97,000.
The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National Association to David Anderson and wife, $13,000.
Johnny O. Harrington and others to Maria Yepez, $10,000.
Frances S. Miller to Charles Hugh Teague and wife, $80,000.
Branch Bank & Trust Company to Rickey L. McCray and wife, $38,000.
Hsiao Shu Fang to James Jolly and wife, $15,000.
Wayne White and wife to Susan K. Baker, $62,500.
Salisbury Township
Scott D. Bosch and wife to James W. Jones and wife, $150,000.
Amber Fahnestock Hahn and husband to Mary D. Drye, $112,000.
Francella Y. Trueblood to Delafayette M. Davis and wife, $2,000.
RV Holdings Four, LLC to Daina C. Frederick and other, $21,500.
Jeanette Villaverde and husband to Jeremiah M. Chambers and wife, $101,000.
HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. to Claire L. Guido, $91,500.
Christopher T. Ragsdale and wife to R. Kendall Kluttz, $200,000.
Beverley W. Monroe to Michael A. Zarate, $68,000.
Suzette Morgan Bailey and husband to The Stephan L. White Family Trust, $15,000.
Sadie Campbell and husband and others to Curtis B. Cowan, $2,000.
Jerrell Ann Fisher to Robert Allen Cox and others, $22,000.
Maready Built Construction & Heating and Air, Inc. to Peter M. Allen, $110,000.
Joel Stofford and wife to Quintin Klutz, $53,000.
Scotch-Irish Township
Urie S. Detweiler and wife to Edward G. Hill and wife, $18,500.
Steele Township
Gary R. Rash and wife to David T. Lewis and wife, $745,000.