Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 23, 2011

SALISBURY — Cross what? CrossFit is a training program that focuses on 10 aspects of fitness: cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.
Jimmy Barnett is the owner and head trainer at CrossFit Rowan. He started Crossfit training to prepare for the Firefighter Combat Challenge and hasn’t looked back since. CrossFit started 10 years ago and until recently you had to drive to Charlotte or Greensboro to train at a CrossFit gym. Now Rowan County residents have their own CrossFit.
What’s involved in a typical session? A combination of cardiovascular, body weight movements and weight training.
“Functional movements are the basis of all CrossFit exercises,” Barnett said.
So you won’t find machines in his gym.
“CrossFit training can improve an Olympic athlete’s performance, or a soldier’s work capacity in the field. But this is not just for high level athletes, it can improve an older person’s mobility around the house. If you can get up and walk in the door, we can give you a workout,” Barnett said.
In the past three years, CrossFit has grown to 3,000 gyms in 16 countries. In the Charlotte area, there are over a dozen.
CrossFit training methods have been adopted by college and athletic teams as well as the military, firefighters and law enforcement.
There’s even an outlet for people who want to compete: the Crossfit Games have become an international event. Regional games are offered as well. Barnett competed in the Carolina Crossfit Mountain Games recently in Flat Rock, placing fifth overall for the day after five events.
Anson Castelvecchi said he started training at CrossFit about a month ago.
“I have been impressed with it. This training has helped with my endurance and has been a good thing for me as a strongman competitor,” he said.
He plans to start teaching a strongman/strongwoman basics class for those who want to incorporate items such as atlas stones, big tire flips and farmer’s walk into their routine, but don’t necessarily want to compete.
CrossFit Rowan is near Catawba College, across the street from the College Barber Shop, at 105 W. Corriher Ave. Child care is available. For a free workout, call Jimmy Barnett at 704-223-9062 or email or find them on Facebook.