Superior Probation Court

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 4, 2011

Abbreviation Key:
CAAF ń Court-appointed attorney fee
CSW ń Community service work
Disposition of cases heard the week of May 2 in Rowan Superior Probation Court by Judge Anna Mills Wagoner:
Misdemeanor probation violation ń Nelson Joel Atkinson, willful violation, 45-day sentence invoked, jail credit; Michael Lynn Grissom, probation terminated unsuccessfully; Jeffery Alan Null, willful violation, continue on probation, pay CSW fee; Christopher Terry Wilhelm, probation terminated; Patrick Ryan Burris, willful violation, 120-day sentence invoked, jail credit; Melissa Page Cunningham, two charges, willful violations, serve 7 days special probation in jail, continue under former orders; Wayne Allen Propst, willful violation, 45-day sentence invoked, jail credit.
Felony probation violation ń Bryan Scott Kurfees, willful violation, submit to drug testing, to be arrested and held without bond pending hearing if any positive test, 6 months intensive probation including 100 hours CSW, provide proof by June 3 that he is enrolled in substance abuse class or be brought back for violation, remain gainfully employed, pay $450 CAAF; Michael Brian Camps, willful violation, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit; Floyd Earnest Carlson III, willful violation, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked at defendantís request, jail credit, CAAF set at $262.50; Timothy Carlee Fox Jr., two charges, probation terminated successfully; Bennett Tyler Garner, supervised probation extended 12 months, complete substance abuse treatment; Timothy Lee Hamilton, two charges, probation to be terminated successfully upon payments of $356 and $1,625; Brian Ashley Kelly, willful violation, 8-to-10-month sentence invoked, jail credit, work release recommended; Calarmel Carter McKenzie, probation terminated unsuccessfully; Randi Garrison Sheridan, willful violation, supervised probation extended 12 months from expiration, pay $225 CAAF; Jackie Darrell Sloop Jr., willful violation, 16-to-20-month sentence invoked, sex offended evaluation and treatment recommended, pay $375 CAAF; James Arthur Smith, probation terminated successfully; Eugene Poteat Jr., willful violation, 12-to-15-month sentence invoked; James Virgil Keene, willful violation, 7-to-9-month sentence invoked, jail credit, also felony probation violation out-of-county, willful violation, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit.
Misdemeanor probation violation out-of-county ń Duane Steven Pease, willful violation, continue on probation, serve 20 days special probation, jail credit, no contact with any minor child unless supervised by responsible adult; Justin Lee Hunter, willful violation, 45-day sentence invoked, jail credit; Nicholas Andrew Smith, two charges, continue on probation until June 4, 2011, pay $225 CAAF; Peandra Charnelle Win, probation terminated successfully.
Felony probation violation out-of-county ń Todd Steven Barbee, probation terminated; Laura Elizabeth Conrad, willful violation, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit, DART program and work release recommended, pay $187.50 CAAF; Danny Ray Murphy, James Hayer Nance, probation terminated; William L. Yeoman, probation terminated successfully.