Rowan unemployment up slightly

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 24, 2011

Rowan County’s unemployment rate for May rose slightly to 10.9 percent.
April’s rate was 10.8, but March was also 10.9.
Cabarrus’ rate is 9.5 percent in May, up from 9.4 percent in April.
Unemployment rates decreased in just under half of North Carolina’s 100 counties in May. Rates decreased in 40 counties, increased in 44 counties and remained the same in 16.
North Carolina had 40 counties that were at or below the state’s unadjusted unemployment rate of 9.7 percent.
Rates increased in 10 of the state’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas, decreased in one and remained the same in three.
The number of workers employed (not-seasonally adjusted) increased in May by 33,600 to 4,079,708. The number of people unemployed increased by 8,070. The number of unemployed people in May was 435,787 workers, compared with 427,717 in April.
Currituck County had the state’s lowest unemployment rate in May, at 5.6 percent. Meanwhile, Scotland County had the highest unemployment rate, at 16.2 percent.
Rates for counties around Rowan continued to fluctuate:
• Davidson —10.8 percent, up from 10.6;
• Davie — 9.2 percent, down from 9.4.
• Iredell — 10.6 percent, up from 10.4 percent;
• Stanly — 10.6 percent, up from 10.4.