Letters to the editor – Saturday (6-25-11)

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 24, 2011

Annexation foes had many allies
Regarding the June 21 editorial on annexation reform:
StopNCAnnexation is only one of the two statewide groups of which the GNORC (Good Neighbors of Rowan County) group is a member. The other is FAC ó Fair Annexation Coalition.
Both groups have been fighting this battle for a long time. They both contributed much in time, talent and research. Also, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, Civitas, and the John Locke group have all been a part of this effort, as well as individuals affiliated with none of the above. A long-running battle by all has resulted in this first baby step toward reform.
ó Marie Howell
Rowan County (Neel Estates)
Upholding Bible isnít act of hate
Our society is on a long and tumultuous road, and we are all travelling it together.
Just because the Christian community takes a stand agreeing with what the Bible says on any issue does not mean that it is full of hatred. God loves all of us more than we can imagine, and He is holier than any of us acknowledge or understand. He will judge all unconfessed sin in our lives, including coveting, profaning the Sabbath day, dishonoring our parents, being unfaithful stewards and foolish virgins (which has nothing to do with sex … itís about being ready for the return of Jesus), and all the other ways we break Godís law and teachings.
God loves us enough to give each of us free will to decide every day what we will do, what we believe, how we live and what we are proud of.
ó Glenda Lingle Ball