Beck column: Water walker

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 17, 2011

I was searching on cable for two pastors that I used to watch on satellite and I found another African American minister that preached one of those ěwater walkingî services. Most Christians are familiar with the scripture about Peter, one of the disciples who wanted to walk on the water with Jesus. (Matthew 13:22-36)
Pastor Boyd used several of my favorite scriptures and quotations. ěYou cannot discover new oceans unless you lose sight of the shore.î I have no idea how many handmade cards on which I have stamped that verse. I donít know who wrote that verse but I just give the credit to Jesus when he says, ěCome.î (Matthew 13:29)
Peter stepped out of the boat to walk with Jesus on the water. He would have been safe, but he allowed the wind to distract his attention from Jesus. In Matthew 13:32 Jesus reached out his hand and caught him as he said, ěOh, you of little faith, why did you doubt?î And when they climbed into the boat, the wind died down.
This reminds me of another of my favorite quotations: ěWe canít change the direction of the wind but we can adjust our sails.î I have never been on a sailboat so I know nothing about adjusting the sails of the boat. But God has enabled me to take quotations like these and apply them to my heart, soul, and even my physical body.
I love the ocean more than most anywhere Iíve ever been and I have seen it from several different places. Iíve made a lot of handmade cards with bits of seashells, sand, pictures of lighthouses, and different shades of water. I had taken those cards with me when I went to speak at the North Myrtle Beach Christian Womenís Clubs. The Lord knows I love to share my testimony since he took the butterflies from my stomach when he called me to speak in 1996.
He also knows the cost of gas to travel and the materials needed to make cards. When I got to the club that morning, I realized the cards were left in the motel room. I had figured the beach cards might sell and help with the expense of the trip. Maybe I took my eyes off Jesus just long enough to forget the cards? Some of you may not relate this together in your mind, but what I personally felt was the Lord reminding me, just as he has many times before, ěIf it didnít happen, then it was not meant to be.î
When I first started writing, I sent some stories to magazines and after I waited for months I came to realize that no answer indicated that ěit (publication) wasnít meant to happen.î And if I donít keep my eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith, the stories will dry up and I will start going under just as Peter did.
Those folks who read my stories can interpret and understand my beliefs, but I donít know theirs. Those who want to be a water walker in todayís world must not be ěone of little faith or a doubter.î (Matthew 13:31)
For believers, Jesus is with us in the sand, in the water, and in our disabled bodies but most importantly, in our hearts. I used to be terrified of putting my head under water but now I look back and realize that Jesus was saying ěCome,î and finally, at age 47, I listened and learned to swim.
Conquering my fear of putting my head under water made me feel like I could ěwalk on water.î I had to trust the Lord there just as I should in all things anywhere.
Would you like to be a water walker? Just start with asking forgiveness, invite Jesus to come into your heart and put your trust and faith in him. When he says ěcome,î be prepared to follow wherever he leads. You will experience new oceans of adventure when you walk with the Lord!
Linda Beck lives in Woodleaf.