Ian Lance doing well after surgery

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SALISBURY — Officer Ian Lance, 7, has never been able to run around his yard with his brothers and friends. But several months following the March 4 surgery to his spine, he was finally able to play outside without being in severe pain. And he ran.
“I was just running around the yard,” Ian said. “I did it maybe three or four times.”
“He wanted to see if he could,” his mother, Angela, said. “And he was so tickled.
“And he said, ‘Thank you, Jesus, for making me feel better.’ ”
Ian is still recovering at home, but is back to work as a police officer, patroling his neighborhood and maintaining order in his home. For at least four more months, Ian has to be very careful to ensure his vertebrae fuse together. Because of two rods that are holding his spine together — one that goes up to his neck and down to his tailbone — he can’t bend over, and he can’t play baseball. But he’s able to go outside and walk around without having to take breaks because of the pain.
“My back don’t hurt anymore,” Ian said. “I don’t know what kind of hurt it felt like, but it hurt a lot worser than it did after surgery.”
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