Paving to begin in Cabarrus County

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 10, 2011

The N.C. Department of Transportation will begin resurfacing 30.3 miles of roads in Cabarrus County Monday, June 13, weather permitting.
A $6.3 million contract was awarded last month to J.T. Russell and Sons Inc. of Albemarle for widening, resurfacing and shoulder construction of the following roads:
• 2.9 miles of N.C. 24/27 West from the end of curb and gutter section east of Midland to the Mecklenburg County line;
• 2.4 miles of U.S. 601 from the Union County line to the Northwestern railroad bridge south of Midland;
• 0.3 miles of N.C. 3 from U.S. 29 to Spring Street, 1 mile from Spring Street to the pavement joint at U.S. 29, and 2.3 miles from Bradley Street to Old Earnhardt Road in Kannapolis;
• .3 miles of Bethel Church Road from N.C. 24/27 to Jim Sossoman Road in Midland;
• .9 miles of Cabarrus Station Road from Jim Sossoman Road to Bethel Avenue Extension in Midland;
• 2.9 miles of Bethel Avenue Extension from U.S. 601 to Cabarrus Station Road;
• 1.7 miles of Roberta Church Road from U.S. 29 to Roberta Road in Harrisburg;
• 3.6 miles of Centergrove Road from N.C. 3 to Penninger Road;
• 1 mile of Plaza Road from the Mecklenburg County line to the pavement joint south of Rocky River Road;
• 1 mile of Midlake Road from Centergrove Road to Brantley Road;
• 1.5 miles of Barrier Store Road from Hahn Scott Road to the Stanly County line;
• .6 miles of Zion Church Road from N.C. 49 to Zion Church Road East;
• .9 miles of Cochran Road from Pitts School Road to Roberta Road;
• .8 miles of East First Street approaching the bridge over U.S. 29;
• 4.7 miles of Lower Rocky River Road from the pavement joint approaching Rocky River Road to the Mecklenburg County line;
• .9 miles of Central Heights Drive from N.C. 49 to Zion Church Road;
• .3 miles of Broadway Avenue from Barberry Avenue to Garmin Mill Road;
• .3 miles of Barberry Avenue from U.S. 601 to Broadway Avenue.
Crews are permitted to work on some roads during the day, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and also overnight, from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. The completion date is Oct. 21.
NCDOT reminds motorists to stay alert and obey the posted speed limit.
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