Local colleges graduate more women

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 10, 2011

SALISBURY — On both the national and local level women are earning more college degrees than men.
Census figures released earlier this year show roughly 20.1 million women have bachelor’s degrees, compared to nearly 18.7 million men. That trend has held steady since 1996 when women first passed men in bachelor’s degrees.
Throughout the past two decades female graduates have exceeded males at Livingstone College with 1,160 women earning bachelor’s degrees and 1,062 men.
Catawba College followed the same trend during that time period with 2,280 women receiving bachelor’s degrees, compared to 1,880 men.
Nationally, women began to exceed men in college enrollment in the 1980s.
That trend holds true at Catawba, with slightly more women enrolling than men each year.
But men continue to outnumber women at Livingstone.
Why are more women attending and graduating from college?
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