Letters to the editor – Saturday

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 10, 2011

A hail of an experience on Jake Alexander Boulevard
Thank you to all the inconsiderate drivers (I use ědriversî loosely) for totally blocking all four lanes, both emergency lanes and the median strip at the U.S. 29 overpass on Jake Alexander Boulevard during the gigantic hail storm at 5 p.m. Thursday. The pea-size (I saw a few grape-size) hail was obviously too massive for your metal, plastic and safety-glassed vehicles to take.
Since you were probably getting off work, blocking an 80-foot width of a main highway wasnít holding you up from anything. The smartest looking driver was the one pulled up on the sloped concrete bridge abutment. Nice job with that mini-SUV.
In my case, I had parts to pick up in 20 minutes 10 miles away so my customer wouldnít have to pay liquidated damages on a job.
The blockage forced me to jump the median, make a U-turn and go down Julian Road. I was able to be out of the hail at the bridge past Tractor Supply Co., one block away, and get my parts on time.
Too bad my customerís needs came first, because if I had had the time, I could have had some fun pulling up to the bridge, taking tag numbers, and moving any cars that were in my way … and telling you how selfish you were.
So thanks again for forcing me to take a route with less selfish and idiotic drivers thinking ěmy carís body is more important than the safety of others getting rear-ended behind meî … and thanks for saving me from the humongous, deadly hail.
ó Alan Champion
Connecting through VBS
Well, itís that time again. Signs are going up on church lawns, and workers are preparing Bible lessons, crafts, activities and food.
We have the blessing and privilege of living in the Bible belt. There are many regions of our country and the world that do not have a church on every corner that is eager to welcome and serve your family. Rowan County children, parents, homes and families need the connection to a church family and instruction in the word of God as guidance for life. (Most of our instruction and advice these days comes from TV, the Internet and other people.)
Stop by a church, give the pastor a call or ask someone in your neighborhood or at work about what has been planned for local childrenís ministry. Give your children or grandchildren the gift of taking them to a vacation Bible school this summer. It may make a difference in their lives and in where they spend eternity.
ó Glenda Ball