Letters to the editor – Thursday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 8, 2011

GM is going for the ëgreení in its new profit scheme
As many of you may know, the idea of protecting the planet has evolved within the last several years. Energy efficiency and resource conservation are the topics of discussion around the world. With this in mind, ask yourself how you would feel if Wal-Mart urged the government to double the sales tax on standard light bulbs in an effort to force you to buy more energy efficient models. Sound crazy? Well that idea is precisely what GM CEO Dan Akerson is proposing.
Mr. Akerson is asking the government to increase the tax on fuel by as much as $1 per gallon. Why, you ask? Because he believes this will force folks to buy energy efficient vehicles. Before you convince yourself that Mr. Akerson is merely a warrior for the well-being of the planet, consider this. He is offering this proposal as an alternative to creating more stringent fuel consumption requirements for GM and other vehicle manufacturers.
Of course, by adding new requirements, you also increase production and R&D costs. This means that if sales donít increase, the profits therefore decrease with expense hikes. Furthermore, GM has worked hard to step to the forefront of the energy efficient vehicle movement. With that being said, who do you think will benefit most from an increase in sales? Well, I suppose that there is a dime to be made in everything when you have billions in taxpayer financing. Doesnít saving the planet feel good?
ó Josh Wagner
Sick of the state of things
I feel sorry for all the veterans who are still alive and have to see the mess this country is in.
Weíre letting illegal immigrants take our jobs, costing us everything we worked for all our lives.
This is not what veterans fought for.
We, the people, and our troops need to take over this country right now.
To heck with the Middle East. They have been killing each other for years and will continue to do so.
We need to clear out Washington, D.C., and all the back-stabbing, crooked politicians. The key word is ěillegalî ó what donít they understand about it?
We have veterans who are homeless and starving, as well as kids in the same shape.
Why are we sending money we donít have to countries that hate us?
Letís start right here at home.
I guess Iím just venting, but Iím sick of what is going on.
ó Ronald J. Wetzler