Report: Man puts hands, crackpipe up

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 6, 2011

SALISBURY – A Salisbury man, asked to put his hands up after being found in an abandoned house, complied with police, but didn’t let go of the crack pipe he was holding a Salisbury Police report said.
According to the Salisbury Police Department, a call came in about a boarded up home on Grace Street that may have been broken into, boards were reported missing from the front door. When officers arrived they went through the front door and to the hallway to find a bedroom door cracked. When they tried to open it, a force behind the door was stopping them, the report said.
The officers tried a second time to push open the door and saw two feet behind the door, pushing it against the officers. The officers asked the person behind the door, who was laying on a mattress in front of the door, to put his hands up and sit up. In one of the man’s hands was a crack pipe.
Police said a pack of cigarettes with a small rock of crack cocaine was also found, along with a fanny pack with two additional smoking pipes inside.
The man, Lorenza Nicholson, 52, of the streets of Salisbury, was arrested and charged with felony possession of crack cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia and misdemeanor breaking and entering. He was given a $1,500 secured bond.