Letters to the editor – Monday (6-6-2011)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 5, 2011

Future can be bright for students at Knox Middle
I cannot tell you how happy I was this morning when I opened my paper and saw the headline about Dr. James Davis and his plans for Knox Middle School. Anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that Knox was, is, and will always be my ěhomeî school. I taught there for the majority of my 30 years in public education, and even though I retired in 2005, I still answer ěKnox Middle Schoolî when asked what school meant the most to me during my career.
It looks like the Rowan Salisbury Schools administration finally ěgot it,î and they have asked someone to come to Knox who understands what has to be done. Parental communication and strong discipline are the absolute resources that each and every student at Knox must have and deserve, and the knowledge that there are adults who care about them and will help guide them is essential.
I truly believe that most young people want to have a great school experience, but so many of our children now do not know how to achieve it. Because of that, they often turn to whatever gets them the attention they need. We like to hope that our young people are getting their guidance from strong families and caring loving teachers. However, we know all too well that this is not always the case.
I applaud the idea of a 100-day-plan, and I, for one, will be right there at Knox whenever I can to help with anything. There are so many wonderful kids who attend Knox (or will be attending Knox) who just need a loving, caring, helping adult to get them where they really want to be. I am going to offer to try to help those young people achieve what they are looking for.
Will it happen overnight? I do not think so, but it will happen faster if everyone in the community gets on board. Count me in!
ó Lea Silverburg
Fly your flag
The first Flag Day celebration may be traced to June 14th, 1885, when a 19-year-old teacher in Wisconsin put a small flag in a bottle on his desk and asked students to write a flag essay. By 1924 a patriotic group of people founded the United States Flag Association to promote the proper use and display of the American flag and in 1949, President Truman signed an act Of Congress designating the 14th day of June as National Flag Day.
Proudly fly your flag, a symbol of this great country of ours, in honor of all our servicemen and -women and Americans everywhere.
ó Jane Thomas