Letters to the editor – Friday (6-3-2011)

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 3, 2011

The rest of the story on cupcakes
In response to the “No cupcakes” letter of May 31:
I am the mom with the peanut-allergic child, and I can give you the entire story.
The teacher/director of the preschool came to me and asked if homemade cupcakes would be safe for my child to eat. At first, I hesitantly said OK. Then I came to her and said I would rather them not be served due to cross contamination issues but that Walmart cupcakes are completely safe and they could just have those. I even suggested the mom who wanted to make the cupcakes do so and individually bag them and hand them out to the kids as they left. They didn’t want to do it this way and screamed at me in front of the children on the playground and other parents.
I didn’t hear one child at the party ask for a cupcake; they didn’t care! My child could have had a severe reaction to them, and that is why, after being asked, I said they were not safe.
— Michelle Bost
Keep the trash at your house
Why must people litter?
This past weekend, I was cleaning out our old house and put trash in the garbage can. I went to our new house, then came back to find someone had put four bags of trash in my front yard. I was very upset. The bags were sitting somewhere else first, then dragged onto my property. Why?
— Edna Smith