Farming hits high gear

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 3, 2011

Out past the city limits, past the asphalt and the storefronts and the subdivisions, springtime in Rowan County reminds us that we live in a place where the ground still moves and breathes and bears fruit.
Rowan is a place where farmers know the rhythm of the earth, where they have mastered the song.
It’s a place where “flyover country” isn’t an insult, not if you take a look as you fly over.
You might see the annual rite of a farmer turning the earth.
The familiar shapes of a silo and barn.
The unexpected beauty of swirls in the straight-lined soil of a newly tilled field, like notes on a sheet of music.
Cattle taking a dip to cool off in summer heat that’s arrived too early.
Harvest will come. The sun and the rain and the toil of the farmer will bring it. But don’t rush it. Enjoy the anticipation, and the beauty of the land in springtime.