Ester Marsh: Getting fit requires commitment

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2011

Q. I donít really like to exercise, I keep hearing about how I need to exercise. How can I get motivated?
A. I wish I could sell motivation in a bottle. Everyone would buy it. Someone joined the Y and asked if they would lose weight since they joined. I replied that we will give you the tools and support for you to get healthier and possibly lose weight, but you are the one who has to do it. You can join, or buy any equipment to exercise, but if you donít follow through nothing is going to happen.
What surprises me each time is that most people have no problem taking pills or shots for this and that (especially weight loss), but when a doctor tells them to exercise so they donít have to take the pills or can get away with a lesser dose, any excuse will come up.
To lead a healthy lifestyle you have to make choices. What do you want out of life? Do you want to be able to do more things, move better, feel better, or are you satisfied with immobility, being overweight, and performing routine tasks?
Most people I talk to want to lose weight. They want to be able to move better. They want to have more energy, be able to do things.
Well, guess what? It takes work and dedication. I have told you before that I was in shock when I did a survey how many people who exercise regularly answered that they did not like to exercise.
Most of our regular members do it because it makes them feel better, look better, give them more energy, and lots of times gives them the ability to do the things they thought they could not do anymore. Some take water exercise classes, walk, and or take a land group exercise class.
These people have made the choice, and constantly are making the choice to do what is best for their body no matter what health issues come their way. There are so many more people who come to the YMCA because they want to feel better, move better, and be healthy. My hat off to all of you.
In todayís times of economic instability, with health care costs through the roof, you can make the choice to live healthier by exercising and eating better. I spoke to a young man who said that his mom spends over $500 a month on medication.
Exercise has proven to be beneficial to your health. Lots of people can lower, or even cut certain medications when they start exercising regularly and eating sensibly.
And with a proper diet and determination the weight loss will follow. Before you start an exercise program check with your doctor first if you have health challenges.
Start slow and easy, try different things. Try the water exercise classes if you have joint problems. Try chair yoga, body-movement class, or a low-impact class such as Body Vive.
When you try and stay focused you will find what works for you but you are the one who has to make that choice. You are the one who has to take the initiative.
I am proud and want to encourage everyone who is trying to better their lifestyle. I know it is hard and impossible at times, but the choice is yours.
Ester Marsh, ACSM Cpt