Surveillance footage leads to charges

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 24, 2011

By Shavonne Potts
A Rowan County man was convicted in Superior Court Monday after being caught on surveillance camera breaking into his neighbor’s home while the man was on vacation.
Todd Clayton Hagans, 27, pleaded guilty to November 2010 charges of attempted conspiracy to traffic opium/heroin, breaking and entering, and larceny after breaking and entering.
The victim, Cletus Williams, of Glover Road, was in court and told the judge he wanted his items returned. A stolen air compressor apparently was pawned.
Williams had been out of town for several days, and when he returned Oct. 29, he noticed some things in his home had been moved. While at home, he noticed a lamp had been knocked down. He thought he’d knocked it over, but when he began to look around the house several things were out of place.
Williams discovered someone brok into his house through a basement window and stole a small coin bank and the air compressor.
Williams gave investigators video surveillance of his property showing Hagans walking around the side of his house. Detectives met with Hagans’ next door, but a search of his home yielded no evidence linking him to the break-in.
Hagans attorney, Bays Shoaf said the drug charge stemmed from an undercover buy in 2008.
Shoaf said his client had a foot injury and doctors prescribed pain medications.
“I imagine he was there to buy the pills for himself,” Shoaf said.
Hagan went with someone else to buy the pills.
“He is trying to better himself,” Shoaf said.
Superior Court Judge Joseph Crosswhite sentenced Hagans to a minimum of 2.4 years and a maximum of 3.6 years in the Department of Correction.
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