Post seeks gardeners to answer questions

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gardening expert? readers could use your help.
The Salisbury Post recently put together a new farm and garden site section.
Included in the section is an area for gardeners to interact with other green thumbs in Rowan County by posting photos, asking questions and participating in discussions.
Darrell Blackwelder with the N.C. Extension Service will be checking in to answer some of the gardening questions, others will be answered by readers.
If you have a question to ask or some gardening advice to share, get started by creating an account on (if you already have an account for commenting or posting photos, that will work). Then head over to and click one of the group links in the “Social” area in the navigation bar. Join the group, and start posting questions, advice or photos.
Or, to go directly to the gardening group, just click here.