NSSA Weekend: Gallagher column: Morris' weekend is now complete

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 15, 2011

The NSSA notebook …
Every year, Ron Morris comes home to Salisbury for the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Weekend from Columbia, S.C., where he is the columnist for The State newspaper.
His main goal?
“I want to make the NSSA notebook.”
It’s usually easy for him to do because he covers Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks. There’s always something going on down there. In fact, during a past NSSA Weekend, Morris made a comment or two about Spurrier and he said the ol’ ballcoach got in touch with him about the remarks.
This year, instead of Spurrier, Morris was asked about embattled South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia, who has been suspended for the fifth time as a Gamecock, the second time this spring.
Will Garcia play this fall?
“I don’t think that decision has been made,” Morris said. “The president of the school and the athletic director gave him a set of guidelines he has to follow. He has to meet all that criteria.”
What’s up with this guy?
“He’s a good kid who’s a little bit troubled,” Morris said. “He’s the quarterback at South Carolina so that makes him pretty well known. But I’m starting to sense a lot of people would just as soon say, ‘See ya later, let’s move on.’
“I hope that’s not the case. I hope he comes back.”
Ron, expect a call from Spurrier. You know he’s reading.

There were several NSSA winners in Salisbury this week who have written books, including Morris.
Book signings are not all they’re cracked up to be. Morris said he remembers one of his in a mall. The most asked question he received was, “Where’s the Radio Shack?”

Bob (“Just …. a bit outside”) Uecker isn’t expected to show tonight but the Hall of Fame inductee would’ve certainly been the most popular figure here had he turned up.
We can’t end the NSSA Weekend without one of my favorite lines from Mr. Baseball.
Johnny Carson once asked Uecker if he held any records from his career as a major-leaguer. Uecker quipped,” I set a record for getting hit by pitches.
“While catching!”

The other Hall of Fame inductee, Brent Musberger is not showing up tonight, either. So I guess you “won’t be looking live” at one of our favorite TV guys of all time.

Speaking of not being here, this is my annual rant on my favorite daytime TV stars who are missing — again. Some people may have their soaps. I have my sports: Rome Is Burning, Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption.
And once again, no sign of Jim Rome. No Reali, Woody, Cowlishaw or Plaschke. No Kornheiser or Wilbon.
Thankfully, our main man Bob Ryan is here. And Jackie MacMullen of Around The Horn fame is supposed to arrive today for Bob’s induction into the Hall of Fame. She gave him a good shout-out on Friday’s show.
Maybe Jackie can take a case of Cheerwine up to the fellas for me.

I see we have two winners from Las Vegas.
I remember my trip to Las Vegas. My favorite part was swim-up blackjack. That’s right. You swim up to this table in the pool and play while submerged. It was awesome. I never once had to get out to use the bathroom.
Well, you know the old saying: What happens in a Vegas pool stays in a Vegas pool …

The talk in golf nowadays is whether Tiger Woods can win more majors than the retired Jack Nicklaus.
In NSSA circles, can Wes Durham, who won the Georgia Sportscaster of the Year award, pass dad Woody, who retired a couple of months ago.
Woody’s in double figures.

Betcha didn’t know this about national winners Mike Tirico and Peter King
Tirico, who is the play-by-play man for Monday Night Football, was once the voice of Syracuse … ready for this? … volleyball.
King, the NFL guru, wasn’t the captain of his high school football team. Rather, he was the captain of his futbol team.

Favorite Winner’s Name: Minnesota Sportscaster of the Year Mike Max. Sounds like a crime fighter.

Chuck Landon of the Huntington Herald-Dispatch is a West Virginia winner. He will go down as one of our all-time favorite NSSA characters. A few years ago, he decided to get married while in Salisbury during NSSA Weekend.

Just wanted all the winners to know what type of golden ground they’re standing on.
Rowan County high school teams have won six state titles this year and 15 in the past three years. We’ve covered 28 state champions since 2000.

And finally …
Ron Morris will leave Salisbury a happy man. He’s made the NSSA notebook.

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