SUMMER-Waterworks classes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waterworks Visual Arts Center is accepting registration for the following classes. Please call 704-636-1882 to register.
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Age 4-5 classes
June Messy Art — Come dressed to get messy and creative. Students explore various hands-on artistic media, including paint, paper-craft and clay. Always a popular class. Instructor: Debbie Hoffman.
• June 27-July 1, morning.
What’s in the Box? — Each day, students will open a big, colorful box to discover what’s inside. Inside will be instructions and materials for a special art project, along with costumes, picture books and stuffed animals to go along with the special art. Imaginations will soar. Instructor: Debbie Hoffman
• July 25-29, morning.
Dr. Seuss and More — A week of fun and adventure with the Cat in the Hat and many of the delightful Seuss characters. Students will use paint and paper crafts to create the characters, as well as learn songs and dance from “Seussical the Musical.” It all comes together at the end of the week with a brief show for family and friends. Instructor: Debbie Hoffman.
• Aug. 1-5, morning.
Little Pet Shop — It rains cats and dogs this week with delightful art activities to create our most favorite pets: puppies and kittens, cats and dogs. The week ends with a pet parade, complete with student-made costumes and masks. Instructor: Debbie Hoffman.
• Aug. 8-12, morning.
Grades 1-2 classes
Puppets on Parade — Hand puppets, stick puppets, puppets bigger than life. Students will create and costume puppets of all descriptions. To top off the week, students will show off their puppets in a parade and puppet show. Instructor: Debbie Hoffman.
• July 11-15, afternoon.
Create Your Own Theater — Be a grand master of the marionette show. Students learn the secrets of how to make marionette puppets, using a variety of art media. Finish the week with a theater presentation for family and friends. Instructor: Marina Bare.
• July 18-22, morning.
The Magic of Matreshka —Students will have the unique experience of merging American and Russian craft traditions while creating art with gourds. Using gourds and various art media, each student will create Russian Nesting Dolls, perfect gifts for family and friends. Instructor: Marina Bare.
• July 25-29, afternoon.
Grade 3-5 classes
Drawing What You See —Train your “artist eye” as you discover the basic techniques of drawing: composition, design, and perspective, the basic skills you need to create a realistic drawing. Instructor: Ray Moose.
• June 27-July 1, afternoon
Color Works — Students learn all about color, from how it’s used in advertising to how it affects our everyday life. They will experiment with painting, drawing and collage and finish the week creating a tie-dyed work of art. Instructor: Jessica Buckwalter.
• July 11-15, afternoon.
The Fascinating World of Russian Folk Art — In five days, students will learn the best traditions of Russian Folk Art without traveling to Russia. Using various art media, each student will create unique Russian ornamental boxes. Instructor: Marina Bare.
• July 18-22, afternoon.
Drawing portraits — Students learn to draw and paint portraits of themselves, family, and friends with pencil, charcoal, and pastels. We’ll use mirrors, photos and lots of imagination. Instructor: Andrea Miller Sowle.
• Aug. 1-5, morning.
Grades 6-8 Classes
Try the Wheel — Speciality class fee applies. Use the potter’s wheel to make cups, mugs, or bowls. If you’ve never used the wheel, you’ll learn the skills to make pottery. If you’re a returning student, we’ll focus on improving your skills. Class limited to eight students. Instructor: Brenda Gariepy.
• July 11-15, afternoon.
Wheel and Hand-built Pottery — Speciality class fee applies. Learn hand-building and pottery wheel clay techniques. For beginning students as well as students returning to the clay studio. Gain knowledge of glazing techniques and the firing process and create your unique piece of art. Class limited to eight students. Instructor: Beth Wright
• July 25-29, morning.
Photography: Seeing Creativity — Speciality class fee applies. An exploration of black and white photography, as well as alternative photography methods. Students will work with pin-hole photography, paper negatives, solar prints and film-based photography, using WVAC’s Linn-Norvell darkroom. Cameras are provided. Class limited to eight students. Instructor: Joshua Cross,
• July 25-29, afternoon.
Drawing with Pen and Ink — For the beginning drawing student and for those who want to improve their skills. Students will learn to use pencils and quill and cartridge pens, and will take home a finished pen and ink drawing at the end of the week. Instructor: Betty Sedberry.
• Aug. 1-5, afternoon.
Break It! Mosaic Class — Speciality class fee applies. Students use mosaic tools and broken glass to create unique mosaic designs on terra cotta, tile, and wood, as well as work on a collaborative group project. They will apply grout and polish their work to complete mosaic art pieces for themselves or family and friends. Instructor: Kim Hoyt.
• Aug. 8-12, afternoon.
New workshops grade 5-8
Special registration application required.
• From this Earth … Exploring North Carolina Clay Heritage — June 20-24 and June 27-July 1; 1-4:15 p.m. each day; $150.
A two-week, half-day residency for students who have previous WVAC clay sculpture and/or pottery wheel experience. Students will meet each afternoon for two weeks to practice and perfect their skills in sculpting clay and throwing on the wheel. Residency students will explore traditional North Carolina wheel-thrown pottery, hand-built pottery, face jugs, Cherokee and Catawba Indian pottery traditions and glazing techniques. Visiting professional clay artists will also present lectures and/or demonstrations. Selected student work from the residency will be included in a group show during the 2011-2012 year. Artist/Instructor: Beth Wright.
• Advanced Drawing and Painting — Special registration application required. June 27-July 1, 10:30 p.m.-4:15 p.m.; $150.
An all day workshop for students who have previously taken drawing and painting classes at WVAC. Students work with pencil, charcoal, and conté in the morning session and continue in the afternoon to create a painting based on their drawing, learning multi-media art techniques. Bring a bag lunch. Workshop limited to 12 students. Artists/instructors: Ray Moose, drawing; Jessica Buckwalter, painting.