Editorial: Rowan’s year for champions

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Congratulations to the Salisbury High boys golf team for winning the 2A state championship on Tuesday. They very nearly won the trophy last year; this year was their time.
This is the sixth state championship of the year for Rowan County high schools, including four for Salisbury in football, girls tennis, girls basketball and now boys golf. The other championships went to North Rowan High Schoolís boys basketball team and West Rowan High Schoolís football team.
Salisbury has the additional honor of receiving the Exemplary School Award from the N.C. High School Athletic Association for a winning combination of athletics, academics, community involvement and other factors. The school averages 134 scholar-athletes a year.
People around the state are beginning to talk. This is the 28th state title Rowan teams have won since 2000, with 15 of those coming in just the past three years. Fans from other counties ask if thereís something in the water here.
Donít think so. The sign at the county line proclaims Rowan as a community ěcommitted to excellence,î and our young athletes appear to have taken it to heart. Sports Editor Ronnie Gallagher calls the 2011 crew ěthe most talented senior class to ever come through Rowan County.î
Thatís saying something.
These championships represent more than talent. Young people put years of practice and self-discipline into honing their skills. The winning formula also goes beyond the players. Coaches have tremendous influence on these young people; you canít say enough about the coachesí hard work, knowledge, strategy and discipline. Principals and faculty are key, also. And the road to championships is often driven by parents who have carted kids to practices and games from elementary school on. They spend countless hours sitting in bleachers to cheer on their young athletes. They spend untold dollars on camps, shoes, equipment, physicals, uniforms and other sports paraphernalia.
These winning teams show that Rowan County is indeed committed to being the best. It shows most obviously in athletics; the competitive spirit runs deep here. We can carry the winning streak further by putting the same effort into academics ó Rowan has stars there, too ó and striving to stay healthy and fit.
We should put a bigger sign on the interstate. In fact, a billboard may be in order: Rowan County, a community committed to excellence and home of 28 state championship teams since 2000. Simply the best.