Herbicide technology improves weed control

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2011

(MS) — It may be well worth the effort to make the lawn around our home lush-green and weed free, but with the herbicide restrictions of today, achieving this has become a big effort indeed.

Excessive weeds on the front lawn are as unsightly, homeowners say, as the appearance of excessive peeling paint. A weed-infested back lawn is also a downer if all you want for your summer is a pretty retreat where the kids can play, without the fear of twisting an ankle or knee on poor turf, and where adults can rest and revitalize.

“Lawn care scientists have been experimenting tirelessly with herbicides to create products that work effectively to kill weeds, but are far less damaging to the environment,” says Reinie Drygala, lawncare products manager for Clear Choice, a leading name in innovative garden products. “Our researchers, with the assistance of many leading university turf scientists over a six year period, produced a breakthrough in selective weed control technology.”

When shopping for greener products, do take a look at the claims on the Clear Choice label. The product contains up to 85 percent less active ingredients as compared to other products using the same ingredients. As important, Clear Choice, utilizing microtechnology, delivers an advanced formula of very tiny droplets that penetrate into the weed more efficiently.

“This consistency reduces the amount of active ingredient required to kill the majority of broadleaf weeds,” Drygala explains. “It is effective on at least 60 varieties, including dandelions, clover and plantains while being friendly to your lawn.”

Currently this product is only available at specialty lawn and garden stores with information at: www.todaysclearchoice.com. For spot-spraying of weeds, the uniquely designed 24 fluid ounce bottle will do the job. For those with a larger property with many weeds, the larger (1 US Gallon) size bottle is likely best for the job.

“If you’re also growing flowers, fruits vegetables or shrubs, the sister product called PureSpray Green offers year-round disease and insect control,” says Drygala. “The all-in-one, ‘organic listed’ formula is green enough so that gardeners can feel fine about spraying it on vegetables, fruit, flowers and shrubs.”