Coax your lawn into a thick green carpet

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2011

(MS) — Even with the concern about the use of herbicides and pesticides, you can still transform your lawn from looking tired-and-tatty into the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted. Some techniques for lawn care are tried-and-true — and others are brand new.

“We do indeed have a breakthrough in herbicide technology,” says Reinie Drygala, Lawncare Products Manager for Clear Choice, a leading name in innovative garden products. “Homeowners, gardeners and municipalities are demanding products that are both effective and environmentally responsible — and Clear Choice meets those demands.

“If you look at the label you will see that the formula contains up to 85 percent less active ingredients as compared to other products using the same ingredients. With unique microtechnology we are able to create much smaller droplets that can easily penetrate into the targeted weed. Clear Choice works on up to 60 different varieties of broadleaf weeds, killing them quickly while being friendly to your lawn.”

Additional quick tips for a flawless green turf include these steps:

Aerate: A lawn needs air, so do rake away the leaves, twigs and debris. Or, take it a step further at the roots with ‘core aeration’ for stronger, longer growth to underground rainwater.

Fertilize: Follow gardening advice and feed the lawn with nutrients four times yearly: two in spring, and two in fall.

Patch Repair: Fix bare spots by ‘overseeding’, a process of planting grass seed directly into the soil of an existing lawn. First, rake, aerate, and cut the grass short; on patchy spots spread a moist layer of lawn soil; disseminate grass seed over the soil; water and keep moist for several weeks while the new grass grows.

Weed control: Use an approved herbicide spray that is formulated to target the weeds without killing the grass. Information at: