Brock files several abortion-related bills

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 29, 2011

RALEIGH ó Just before their deadlines arrived earlier this month, state legislators filed a flurry of bills, including several sponsored by N.C. Sen. Andrew Brock.
The Rowan County legislator is a primary sponsor of bills related to abortion that would:
Require a 24-hour waiting period and the informed consent of a pregnant woman before an abortion may be performed. The Senate bill, known as the ěAbortion ó Womanís Right to Know Act,î has a House equivalent co-sponsored by Rowan County Reps. Fred Steen and Harry Warren.
Limit abortion coverage under the state health plan for teachers and state employees to only those cases when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, failure to terminate the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, or the abortion procedures would remove a dead unborn child.
Establish licensure requirements and a licensing fee for abortion facilities and penalties for violation of the requirements.
Require that the mandatory written parental consent for a minor to obtain an abortion either is signed at the facility where the abortion is to be performed or is acknowledged before a notary public.
Brock also is listed as a primary sponsor on legislation to:
Organize statewide public defender districts. Public defender offices only exist in some counties currently, but the bill would establish an office for all districts, including one proposed to include Rowan, Cabarrus, Montgomery, Moore and Randolph counties.
Require upgraded security and emergency medical services at the state legislature, state government complex, the executive mansion and the lieutenant governorís mansion. The bill would appropriate $6 million for the upgraded services, including up to $1 million to build a covered walkway connecting the legislative building with the legislative office building in Raleigh.
Make simple assault a felony instead of a misdemeanor when committed against a law enforcement officer, firefighter or other emergency personnel. The bill also would increase the penalty for assault with a deadly weapon or inflicting serious bodily injury committed against certain emergency personnel.
Require people receiving more than eight weeks of unemployment benefits to perform volunteer public service. The bill would require five hours of volunteer public service per week from weeks nine through 52 of benefit eligibility, and 10 hours per week starting in week 53.
Allow all cities and counties to give electronic notice of public hearings on their websites ěin addition to or in lieu ofî publishing notices in a newspaper.
Require University of North Carolina institutions to allow students to earn foreign language credits for studying the Cherokee language.
Require additional oversight of the tax credit for qualifying expenses of a production company, limit the credit for individuals receiving payment to $500,000 and prohibit the credit for a production receiving an MPAA rating of NC-17.
Establish a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth, which can be requested by either parent.
Prohibit health care providers from questioning patients about lawful activity related to firearms and ammunition when providing health care to patients, except under certain conditions. Providers could be fined up to $250 for nonwillful violations and up to $500 for willful violations.
Allow the transportation and possession of a dangerous weapon or substance during a riot or declared state of emergency. The bill also would prohibit state and local governments to allow or impose any of the following during a state of emergency: the taking, confiscation or seizure of lawfully possessed firearms and ammunition, or additional restrictions or prohibitions on the possession, carrying, transportation, sale, purchase, storage or use of otherwise lawfully possessed firearms or ammunition.
N.C. Rep. Fred Steen is a primary sponsor of bills that would:
Amend the North Carolina Constitution to require a three-fifths vote for the General Assembly to levy state taxes.
Increase passenger rail fares by an average of $11 per ticket to eliminate the operating subsidy provided to AMTRAK.
N.C. Rep. Harry Warren is co-sponsoring bills to:
Require anyone convicted of an impaired driving offense, or any person who refuses a chemical analysis, to have an ignition interlock system installed on every vehicle that person may drive before getting a limited driving privilege. The bill also would require the person to pay an administrative fee of $30 to $60 and any associated costs, and it would create an Ignition Interlock Device Fund for those who are unable to pay.
Direct principals to require a parent of each child enrolling or transferring into a public school to state the citizenship status or immigration status of the child. The bill, known as the ěSafe Students Act,î says the information would be used only for fiscal analysis and would not be used to deny admission to a child.
Limit administrative expenses of the state lottery to 4 percent of total annual revenue and split unclaimed prize money among all local education agencies, on an average daily membership basis, to be used only for school supplies and textbooks. Under current law, half of unclaimed prize money goes to enhance prizes and the other half goes to the Education Lottery Fund.
Direct pharmacies to require photo identification prior to dispensing Schedule II controlled substances, including certain prescription painkillers and stimulants.