Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 13, 2011

West Rowan High School Student Council recently sponsored an event called “Press to Dress” to raise money for Victory Junction.
The initial goal was $500.
The student council teachers Durwood Bynum, Jason Chester, Mr. Daniel, Rodney Harrington asked senior students Dan Taggart, Domonique Noble, Xavier Still, Micah Cook, Madison Osborne, Trey Mashore, Christian Vaughters, Will Leazer and Kendall Hosch if they’d dress as a girl for an entire school day if the school met its goal.
They all agreed to be “pressed to dress.” As an added incentive, Dr. Jamie Durant, principal, and Athletic Director Todd Bell agreed to also dress if the school raised $1,000.
The school met its goal of $1,000. All of the guys were good sports. The school is proud of the West Rowan family for coming together to support Victory Junction.