Letters to the editor – Sunday (4-3-2011)

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 1, 2011

Entitlement mentality is eroding America
We are living in an age where many people believe they are entitled to whatever they want. They are entitled to a home, car, job and a chicken in every pot. Obamaís medical care legislation is a case where politicians believe citizens are entitled to universal health care. Instead of focusing on those without health insurance or those unable to provide coverage for themselves or family members, the legislation attempts to force a government or centralized solution. All this is based on the idea of politicians declaring a new right has been found, the right of health care. Where is it written that universal health care insurance is a fundamental right of everyone?
Governor Walker in Wisconsin has been dealing with organized union people and absent Democratic legislators who believe they are entitled. Today in Great Brittan we see youth filling the streets, damaging buildings, rioting because they feel entitled. If you have driven around your town lately, you must have seen people holding up signs begging for assistance. They beg for money, food or work, even for a beer. They do well, these beggars, and they donít have to pay taxes, either. You might be surprised that in a few hours how nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars will add up.
Is there a day when your mail does not have some organization, group or politician begging for money? Does your telephone often ring with someone on the other end begging for a donation?
We have become a nation of beggars who feel they are entitled to your hard-earned money, and out of sympathy many well-meaning people contribute to the false premise that some people are entitled. Iím afraid all of this well-meaning help is leading us toward a nation of many beggars, who look to someone else for their well-being.
ó Richard Roberts
Keep taxation issues in front of the public
Thanks to the Salisbury Post for keeping taxes on the front page so that all readers can be made aware of how generous government officials have been with taxpayersí money. This is without any regard for how private taxpayers must struggle to meet their required obligations under tax laws.
The March 27 headline read, ěCutting expenses or raising taxes?î Retired people canít afford more taxes. The older people who built this country have been shafted by new generations with underhanded, backdoor, greedy and very unrighteous ways of placing themselves above other people when it comes to benefits and padding their own bank accounts.
While this is just the opinion of one American, let it be said that tiptoeing around the truth about government is wrong for all people involved.
Government should put all its employees, including those in Raleigh, on an insurance program that requires them to pay 20 percent of their health-insurance premiums, as most private employers require.
Also, no one should be able to retire and receive any money from taxpayersí funds until they reach age 65. Property taxes should be reduced so people will have spending money to boost the economy.
Wrong is wrong, and the Father sees all wrong. Evil will never win.
As people continue to try to set up the perfect society, keep in mind nothing you have on this Earth is going with you.
ó Ron Sweet