Catawba College news

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Six students and three faculty members from Catawba Collegeís psychology department recently attended the 57th annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association in Jacksonville, Fla.
Those attending included students Katie Zink of Salisbury; David Bowling of Newburg, Md.; Maura Pantone of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Rebekah Brown of Cleveland; Melanie Mishue of China Grove; and Jessica Jordan of Meriden, Conn.; along with faculty members Dr. Erin Wood, Dr. Lyn Boulter and Dr. Sheila Brownlow.
Some in the Catawba group presented research at the meeting. Research presented included ěCollege Persistence Questionnaire predicts freshman retention at Catawba Collegeî by Boulter and Carla Eastis, Catawba College; Christopher A. Thorstenson, Anna Shumolis, Amanda Thompson and Hall P. Beck, Appalachian State University; ěA Behavioral Comparison of Four Inbred Strains of Miceî by Erin Wood, Catawba College; Elizabeth Martorell, Alena King and Joseph Porter, Virginia Commonwealth University; and ěAversive Bias Toward Latinos in Hiring Decisionsî by Jessica Jordan, Melanie Mishue, Toni Jones (of Winston-Salem), and Brownlow, Catawba College.
Boulter and Brownlow also chaired a paper session at the meeting.
Professor publishes article, edits book
Dr. Sanford Silverburg, a professor of political science at Catawba, has authored an article, ěThe Contravention of Consistency: Indian Foreign Policy Toward Israel,î that will be published this spring in ěThe Indian Yearbook of International Law and Policy.î
Additionally, Silverburg is the editor of a book, ěInternational Law: Contemporary Issues and Future Developmentî that will be published this month. This book features original contributions from well-established scholars and emerging stars in law and politics and is intended to provide students a succinct overview of the key issues facing international law today.
Accounting student receives fellowship
Pierce Autry, a senior accounting student from Patuxent River, Md., is the fifth Catawba College accounting student to be awarded a graduate fellowship to attend North Carolina State Universityís master of accountancy (MAC) program.
NCSUís MAC program is consistently ranked as one of the top 30 master of accountancy programs in the nation. Autry will graduate in May from Catawba.