Letters to the editor – Friday (3-25-2011)

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tax hike targets smokers ó again
I read the article in the Post about the proposal that cigarettes be taxed ěagainî ó this time with an increase of $1 a pack.
Why are smokers always targeted when someone mentions raising taxes? Why not alcohol? There must be lots of lobbying done to keep that from happening.
Smokers have been the target for quite some time. There are more problems that need attention than smokers. I donít smoke, but I did for 38 years before quitting in 1998.
How many times do we hear about a smoker driving down the road and killing someone in a head-on collision?
Iím not saying cigarettes arenít harmful, but this tax will not keep teens from smoking. Every generation does it.
Most smokers try not to invade a non-smokerís space.
How many people leave home and never make it back because of a head-on collision with a drunken driver ó many of them repeat offenders? In a split second, these people are gone.
We never see cigarettes advertised on TV. But beer and alcohol both are advertised regularly. How about putting that tax on alcohol and leave the smokers alone?
ó Shirley Smith
Pit bull concerns
I am very concerned about the dangerous situation created by pit bulldogs that are not properly controlled and restrained by their owners.
These dogs bite and kill and sometimes attack children.
I have had contact with the animal control office regarding this situation in my neighborhood. Although an officer did come to check the situation, I was not pleased with the service I received. Somebody needs to do something before someone is seriously hurt.
ó Margaret Tucker Wansley