Readers send photos

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SALISBURY — Our readers take great pictures, and they often share them on our website.
A reader who goes by the screen name “it’s just me” took this picture of the “super full moon” Saturday night. Set against the blackness of space, the moon — which was as closer to our planet than it has been in the past two decades — was quite a sight for those who got a view.
“It’s just me” has also posted pictures online of sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway and lightning flashing across the sky above Rowan County.
Moving from the vastness of space and raw power of lightning to beauty found closer to earth, “seaangel” posted this colorful photo of a wasp, its black-and-yellow pattern set against green leaves and a sea of blue in the background.
Check out more of our readers’ pictures at While you’re there, post some of your best photographs to share with others online, and maybe in the newspaper.