Published 12:00 am Monday, March 21, 2011

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Harry L. Welch Jr. with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Atwell Township
Jo Ann K. Deaton and husband to Dan C. Thompson, $8,000.
Lisa Baxter Carpenter Neal and husband to Norman L. Davis and wife, $4,000.
Marty Campbell Inc. to Leonard Nolan Moss and wife, $30,000.
Bachman Samuel Brown to Benjamin L. Watts, $145,000.
Barry S. Suggs and wife to Michael G. Halvorgson, $102,500.
Shirley Hengel and other to Shirley Hengel, $4,000.
Maurice A. Curtis and wife to Tony C. Fields and wife, $258,000.
Kevin Phetsisouk and wife to Sipaseut Sipaseut and wife, $18,000.
China Grove Township
Equity Trust, DBA Sterling Trust, as custodian to Terry B. Truesdale and wife, $74,000.
Joshua A. Carpenter, as administrator to Kenneth D. Norris and wife, $78,000.
Charles P. Coughenour to Timothy B. Corriher and wife, $50,000.
Patricia Starnes Myers and husband and others to John Edward Saunders and wife, $112,500.
Dwight L. Davis and wife to Iglesia Bautista Monte Sinai, $50,000.
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., as substitute trustee to US Bank National Association, as trustee, $64,000.
Delores Childress Roten and others to Larry T. Stilwell, $50,000.
Donnie W. Johnson Sr. and others to Robert Ward Richards, $129,500.
CitiFinancial Inc. to Andrew James Misenheimer, $80,000.
Richard J. Kania, as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., $29,000.
William J. Hoell and wife to Robert G. Beatty and other, $41,000.
Cleveland Township
Roy Lee Goodlett Sr. to Darwin L. Avery, $37,000.
Catherine Annette Banks Squire and others to Parks J. Hubbard and wife, $32,000.
Beatrice S. Dixon and husband to Joseph R.& Margaret B. Barton Family Trust, $15,000.
Franklin Township
Caryn E. Kent Blackwood and husband to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $163,500.
Michael K. Staton and wife to Jerry Warlick Beal, $122,000.
Danny R. Fortner and wife to Kenneth G. Fortner, $50,000.
Gold Hill Township
Green Tree Serviciing, LLC to Reginald L. Earnhardt and wife, $50,000.
Timothy S. Seagraves and wife to Henry A. Pless and wife, $41,500.
Barry Alan Dyson to Michael J. File and wife, $25,500.
Litaker Township
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., $178,000
Daren K. Larson and wife to Tamara Gray Talbot, $170,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee to Eric Webster, $33,500.
Dawn Witherspoon to Sean D. Fox and wife, $121,000.
Richard McGuire Properties LLC to Jennifer Beth Morton and other, $70,000.
James Samuel Saxon and wife to Susan E. Saxon and husband, $99,000.
Substitute Trustee Services Inc., as substitute trustee to HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee, $212,500.
The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A. to Richard Wayne Gould, $57,500.
Locke Township
Randy Shulenberger and wife to Thomasina Cuthbertson, $276,000.
Lori H. Rhinehardt and husband to Kathryn Patterson Cook, $25,000.
Robert J. Boden Jr. and wife to William Patrick Smith, $18,000.
Bernice R. Stanley to Andrew B. Christenbury Sr., $20,000.
Terry L. Sawyer and wife to Jonathan McCulloh and wife, $93,000.
Timothy H. Coates and wife to Turman Real Estate Holdings, LLC, $100,000.
Providence Township
Molasses LLC to Daniel J. Evans II and other, $220,000.
Caley Jayne Medley and others to David Paul Griggs, $107,500.
Christopher Lynn Frick to Andrew Benson Christenbury Sr., $32,000.
Rowan Township
China Grove Properties LLC to Cornerstone Church of Salisbury, Inc., $1,500,000.
Freddie B. Bryan and wife to Robert W. Harris and wife, $82,000.
Beulah Mae Huntley to Torrace Jones, $6,000.
JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Robert Nance and other, $9,000.
Sheila M. Livengood and others to Edward J. Smith and wife, $132,000.
Joel Ernest Miller to Joshua Garrett Bentley and wife, $124,000.
Kondaur Capital Corporation to Tristan L. Blevins and other, $70,000.
Birav S. Patel and wife to Suzanna Deesy, $170,000.
Jane Foy Painter, as substitute trustee to RBC Bank (USA), $10,500.
Travis K. Johnson and wife to Kelley Lowder Miller and husband, $155,000.
H&A Realty Inc. to Victor M. Rosado, $345,000.
DHI Mortgage Company Ltd. to John S. Herod and wife, $363,000.
B&C Land Holdings II LLC to The Landtrust for Central NC Inc., $645,000.
Goodrich Investments LLC to Ann L. Campbell, $120,000.
James H. Mills, Jr. and wife to David Wayne Moore and wife, $350,000.
Bank of America, N.A. to GJ Vick, LLC, $5,000.
Bank of North Carolina to David Bradley Henry II and Wife, $184,500.
Fannie Mae to USA Rental Fund LLC, $10,000.
Rodney E. DeLaossa and wife to Josh Kennedy and wife, $27,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Dale Lomax and other, $25,000.
LNV Corporation to Matthew B. Wagoner, $22,000.
Alice H. Stokes to Melanie M. Dwyer, $82,000.
John T. Hudson, as executor to Terry C. Seaford, $12,000.
Adam M. Gottsegen, as substitute trustee to First Flight Federal Credit Union, $65,000.
Mitchell W. Misenheimer and wife to Joyce Marple Panzica and husband, $171,000.
William T. Ball to Phillip S. Owens and other, $121,500.
Reba Sue Horton to Brantly K. Horton, $42,000.
Samuel F. Perdue and wife to Prudential Relocation Inc., $262,000.
Michael A. Myers, as substitute trustee to First Community Bank, N.A., $182,000.
Branch Banking and Trust Company to Michael A. Martin, $20,000.
David A. Simpson P.C., as substitute trustee to Green Tree Servicing LLC, $20,500.
Keepsake Homes Inc. to William F. Ervin, $950,000.
Fannie Mae to RV Holdings Four LLC, $4,500.
SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. to CJH Properties LLC, $12,000.
Elise B. McLurkin Horton, as substitute trustee to First Bank, $440,000.
Wynsor Homes Inc. to James R. McKelvey and wife, $392,000.
David A. Simpson, P.C., as substitute trustee to Suntrust Bank, $62,500.
David A. Simpson, P.C., as substitute trustee to U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee, $53,500.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee to Daniel Lascaris, $5,000.
Craft Development LLC to True Homes LLC, $25,000.
Trustee Services of Carolina LLC, as substitute trustee to DB Structured Products Inc., $60,000.
Jonathan R. Barlow and wife to Household Realty Corp, $110,000.
CMH Homes Inc. to Brittany Hobbs, $214,000.
Myall Enterprises LLC to Retrovisioncorp, $227,000.
HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee to Timothy James Cook, $69,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee to Thomas Powers, $17,000.
Donald D. Sayers, as trustee to Farmers & Merchants Bank of Granite Quarry, $325,500.
Ricky Thomas Wensil to Brenton G. Patterson and other, $162,500.
Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., as substitute trustee to US Bank National Association, as trustee, $104,000.
Salisbury Township
Larry Barnes and wife to Santos A. Garcia-Mandieta and wife, $89,000.
A.S. Property Development, Inc. to Joan K. Lark, $135,000.
Arthur Vance Thomas and wife to Henry L. Adams and wife, $122,000.
Ben H. Rimer, as executor to Polly A. Owens, $40,000.
HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as trustee to Salisbury Community Development Corp., $60,000.
Michael E. Bilyeu and wife to Susan L. Morris, $69,500.
Rowan Corporation to Harlea Properties LLC, $276,000.
SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to Reginald S. Adkins and wife, $40,000.
Tracy-Ann Bradshaw Thornton to Robert Lynn Thornton, $150,000.
Gerald W. McGee, Sr. and wife to Margaret C. Cooper, $55,000.
William L. Simmons and wife to Roger Dale Jones and wife, $20,000.